Forgiving in a sentence

Definition of Forgiving

Inclined to forgive. | present participle of forgive | An act of forgiveness.

How to use Forgiving in a Sentence?

  • Was there not something about forgiving trespasses that she said twice every day?
  • His feelings were injured, but he was of a forgiving disposition and would say no more about it.
  • His face is gentle and amiable, as we should expect of a loving son and forgiving brother.
  • She gazed at him in a sorrowful, forgiving fashion, quite enjoying the situation.
  • He received a kind, forgiving answer, and then spent the most miserable night of his life.
  • Up to the time of our marriage I thought you knew and that you were forgiving everything.
  • How could it, when Hawkesbury was always so amiable and forgiving and friendly?
  • The marquise receivers her husband like a forgiving wife and a dying Christian.
  • So Nanny got sympathy at last, but not until her forgiving soul had left her tortured body.
  • Thou must engage with infinite joy and happiness in the mention of the Forgiving Lord.
  • I didn't like them much, for five minutes; but after that I couldn't help forgiving them again.
  • For since I have seen that forgiving Face, I am content to be blind to all beside.
  • You're a woman, Lou, the best of women, and you've a forgiving heart; I know you have.
  • Only to the sovereignty belongs the spiritual power to undo what has been done and to cancel the crime by forgiving and forgetting.
  • And now the father stretches down forgiving arms and the queenly daughter bows her head against the mighty wall and weeps in gladness.
  • I appeal to the softer feelings of your sex, to the magnanimity of the princess, to the forgiving spirit of the christian.
  • Where her immortal soul was and what would become of it, was talked over by people, who were less forgiving than they ought to have been.
  • Even in her anger against him, the knowledge of his forgiving disposition, of the sincerity of his love, was an unavowed support.
  • He would have given the world for one glance of those eyes, and one forgiving clasp of those blindly groping hands.
  • Here was this maid, quick as a hornet to resent a wrong, and yet forgiving as a dove when the danger had passed.
  • In one place a bit of the fur coat touched my cheek softly, but no forgiving hand came to rest on my bowed head.
  • A man's nature is not forgiving like a woman's, and the best of us harbor impulses you know nothing of.

Short Example Sentence for Forgiving

  • She is forgiving as the angels.
  • This surely is not forgiving injuries.
  • She held out a forgiving hand.
  • Could it be forgiving to wish evil?
  • They are generally of a very forgiving disposition.
  • He had turned the forgiving hand away.
  • His father died, forgiving him.
  • The woman had a fine, forgiving nature.
  • No god could afford to damn a forgiving man.
  • The square, forgiving honesty that deep down in them lies.
  • He found the maid Forgiving all, and good.
  • A Forgiving Spirit necessary.
  • What's that about forgiving them?
  • Una tried to see herself as a princess forgiving her honest servitor.
  • Esmé is a forgiving chap, but you've wrecked his life.
  • Mrs. Wentworth's temper was forgiving and compassionate.
  • Cardinal Allen bowed his head and smiled at her a forgiving little smile.
  • Mrs. De Peyster accepted apology and tribute with a forgiving nod.

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