Free in a sentence

Definition of Free

(social) Unconstrained. | Obtainable without any payment. | (abstract) Unconstrained.

How to use Free in a Sentence?

  • How can it be free and independent in its acts, and yet under the dominion of efficient causes?
  • Also you must work hard, or you will lose your free self-approval, and be miserable at the end.
  • Nor does he tell his battles, show his wounds, Or shackle your free will, as some folks do.
  • As soon as I was free of the lecture-field I hastened to Hartford to make inquiries.
  • And we can scarcely see how it could be possible to conceive a being more free than one who is capable of doing what he wills.
  • Now that he was no longer free to approach her, he saw what a heaven he had possessed in that noble and lovely being.
  • They had left the door of the room leading into the corridor wide open to allow a free current of air.
  • Why he did not preserve the moral universe, as he had created it, free from the least impress or overshadowing of evil?
  • Give him six months' quiet, free from worry and all anxiety, and he would do it.
  • The mind is free because it possesses a power of acting, over which there is no controlling power, either within or without itself.
  • The will may be absolutely necessitated in all its acts, and yet the body may be free from external co-action or natural necessity!
  • She opened the closet to set the prisoner free and take her back into her loving favor and forgiveness, but the result was not the one expected.
  • There is no freezing limitation here, but a largeness and munificence of mercy boundless as space, free and open as the expanse of the firmament.
  • He did not shrink from talking about himself, for he was free from that exacerbated, timid vanity which seals so many vain-glorious lips.
  • This robe is unbuttoned in front, so as to leave free her heaving bosom, which is covered right up to the neck with lace frills.
  • The only man who had ever been known to catch the pony when he was free was his own syce, whom his master had left at Chaksam.
  • The decisions of the intelligence, then, are not free acts; indeed, they are not acts at all, in the proper sense of the word.
  • Lay by your wrath, and seem, as it becomes you, Cheerful and free of heart at your son's wedding.
  • Patricia thought Rosamond seemed vexed at this free speech, but Constance gave her no time for reply.
  • He said his presence there would be an unfair and improper influence and that if he was to be nominated the compliment must come to him as a free and unspotted gift.
  • There were some old chairs at the rear of the vacant building, and Mr. Morton invited them to make free use of them.
  • Would he ever again be free from this impalpable terror, from this dread of being shut within a space so small that he must smother if he did not escape?
  • The manner in which Hobbes, Collins, and others, endeavour to reconcile necessity with free and accountable agency.
  • Bondage has swept our free warriors away, Vain were our prayers as our dreams had been baseless, Sword of the foeman has carried the day.
  • The manner in which Hobbes, Collins, and others, endeavour to reconcile necessity with free and accountable agency.
  • In order that any act of the will should partake of a moral nature, it must be free from the dominion of causes over which it has no control, or from whose influence it cannot depart.

Short Example Sentence for Free

  • The pony was now free again and very indignant.
  • But she was alone for the evening and it had free access.
  • Pep got his free hand ready.
  • Our only chance is to be on the lookout for free spenders.
  • An alms, a voluntary free succour.
  • After the good old fashion, free and easy.
  • It left him free as God had created him.
  • And Patty had a wild, free heart that might be broken.
  • Syrus, I think, should be made free to-day.
  • Does it leave them free to depart from the influence of motives?
  • If any one had a mind to guard the walls he was free to do so.
  • If he would only for once break free from artificial restraints!
  • Try as he might he couldn't shake himself free from it.
  • I made him just and right; Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.

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