Friend in a sentence

Definition of Friend

(transitive, obsolete) To act as a friend to, to befriend; to be friendly to, to help. | (transitive) To add (a person) to a list of friends on a social networking site; to officially designate (someone) as a friend. | A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.

Short Example Sentence for Friend

  • 1. Renouard regretted that his friend had not been there.
  • 2. Took a friend of his as mate.
  • 3. My new friend smiled at this.
  • 4. My friend looked at me very keenly.
  • 5. Our cowboy friend did not have time to find it.
  • 6. He told his loyal friend all about their plans and hopes.
  • 7. His friend was not a person to give oneself away to.
  • 8. You have been, indeed, a friend to me.
  • 9. His gravity was explained to me by my friend Buckthorne.
  • 10. But he said nothing of it to his friend the Editor.
  • 11. It was our friend of the whisky-keg episode, Piegan Smith.
  • 12. Without a friend to counsel him, the temptation proved irresistible.
  • 13. Without a friend to counsel him, he found the temptation irresistible.
  • 14. Frank and Randy recognized their friend the ventriloquist simultaneously.
  • 15. The guests sorrowfully followed the body of their best friend to Csakatorny.
  • 16. In passing us he exchanged nods with the friend I was with and smiled.
  • 17. I can see as how you're a friend of his, and I wish I'd held my tongue.
  • 18. The device of the cover was specially designed by a Friend of Mrs. Ewing.
  • 19. The Kazi (or headman) of Kamba Baji was our friend from the first.
  • 20. Patricia Makes Another Friend 84 VII.

How to use Friend in a Sentence?

  • 1. His friend was good natured about the matter, but parried all further questions.
  • 2. My friend now left me to my own devices to while away the hours till time to dress for dinner.
  • 3. My friend asked for its removal before the second course, complaining of incipient snow-blindness.
  • 4. Lady Beldi thereupon gave her arm to her friend and led her into the dining-room.
  • 5. But hope, as that saving angel will, stirred, and began to brighten as our friend proceeded.
  • 6. Now it wasn't our fault at all when this friend of yours got hurt this evening.
  • 7. Instantly upon recognizing their old-time friend and helper the three chums started in his direction.
  • 8. She drank in the trills and flourishes of the selection which her friend had chosen as though the notes were golden ambrosia.
  • 9. The staunch friend of the motion picture chums waved his hand like a showman proudly exhibiting wares.
  • 10. We had each lost our best friend in the world; we were each, in some measure thrown upon the kindness of others.
  • 11. She believed her friend to be old, immeasurably old, indefinitely old; and had a secret faith that she had never been otherwise.
  • 12. These words, which proceeded from a voice at the lower end of the table, were addressed to my friend Finucane.
  • 13. Here was an old friend, a friend of their youth, and probably a lover, turned up again, and the sisters were in a natural state of agitation.
  • 14. Mendelssohn was his friend from boyhood, and aided him greatly with his suggestions, though it is doubtful whether Bennett ever studied with him.
  • 15. Madame Tancredi was the exact opposite of her friend Milano in all save the kindly spirit of the true artist.
  • 16. The party at mess soon after separated, and I wished my friend good night for the last time before meeting him as a bride-groom.
  • 17. In a few minutes the trooper opposite my friend of the poker-game drew out, and one of the players called loudly on Goodell to take his place.
  • 18. My uncle recollected the Marquis for a particular friend in Paris, who had often expressed a wish to see him at his paternal chateau.
  • 19. Nervy as men are made, MacRae worshiped at the shrine of an even break, a square deal for friend or foe.