Genera in a sentence

Definition of Genera

plural of genus

How to use Genera in a Sentence?

  • There is no indication of division of the proximal carpal in these genera into constituent bones.
  • But genera are prior to species, for the sequence of their being cannot be reversed.
  • The genera of this order are very closely allied, and very difficult of discrimination.
  • We here speak of the fauna as a whole, disregarding particular genera and species.
  • Those genera survive which give rise to species adapted to new conditions of existence.
  • If genera are different and co-ordinate, their differentiae are themselves different in kind.
  • These may be regarded as either co-ordinate genera or the species of co-ordinate genera.
  • Four hundred and fifty genera contain the seven thousand species already described by botanists.
  • On the structures and distribution of the genera of the arciferous Anura.
  • Of the number of genera of trees in the Caribbean forest we have no reliable census.
  • A report on the fishes of Oklahoma, with descriptions of new genera and species.
  • The order is well represented in Britain, in which forty-two genera are native.
  • Description of two new genera of softshell turtles of North America.
  • Four of the ten genera in the magnolia family are represented in North America.
  • The jaws are most massive in the genera known from the Wealden beds to the Chalk.
  • Neither do the genera Ornithoptera and Leptocircus exhibit any traces of this peculiar form.
  • In the flora of the United States three genera of the family have tree representatives.
  • Seventeen genera of leguminous plants have tree representatives within the United States.
  • Why are the genera of Palms and of Orchids in almost every case confined to one hemisphere?
  • The accumulation of the characters of genera will not sum up into the characters of an order or class.
  • You will see from this that religion and philosophy form a common chapter which has the genus of all genera for its object.
  • Hisce principiis fundantur genera sex illa Filicum Dorsiferarum, quae in prima Gen. Plant.
  • The difference between the two genera lies in the relative sizes of the upper and lower lips of the corolla.
  • We will try and make this part as simple as possible, and only mention those genera which are most common.
  • The reader will notice that in the lists of fungi given above there are certain genera not elsewhere mentioned in this book.
  • One hundred genera and about one thousand species compose a family in which tree forms rarely occur.
  • In the genera of the sciences there is only one species of religion, but that one species has many varieties.
  • On the other hand the occurrence of numerous intermediate varieties may make it difficult to distinguish genera or species at all.
  • The shaft of the humerus is always stouter than that of the femur, though different genera differ in this respect.
  • Direct comparison of the three genera with one another suggests that if we use the term arciferal for any, we should use it for all.
  • Or why should not scarlet oak and scarlet acer be grafted on common species of these genera along the margins of woods and plantations?
  • The mulberry family includes fifty-five genera and nearly a thousand species of temperate-zone and tropical plants.
  • Itaque genera uel species subsistunt tantum; neque enim accidentia generibus speciebusue contingunt.

Short Example Sentence for Genera

  • There are many of both genera that are edible.
  • The families and genera of living rodents.
  • Two genera of the bulkiest among terrestrial beasts.
  • The genera of the Trionychidae.
  • In both genera the eggs are large, 5 mm.
  • There are no true alpines, and the European genera are comparatively few.
  • The names of the genera are all derived from Greek and Latin words.