Gentle in a sentence

Definition of Gentle

Tender and amiable; of a considerate or kindly disposition. | Soft and mild rather than hard or severe. | Docile and easily managed.

Short Example Sentence for Gentle

  • 1. She was very kind and gentle about it.
  • 2. She was very, very quiet; just gentle melancholy.
  • 3. And, finally, he was a gentle soul.
  • 4. Behind us, from the river, came a gentle plashing.
  • 5. Hands of gentle motion fail Nevermore to pat thee!
  • 6. The gentle murmur of that engine was inviting him all the while.
  • 7. Goodell's tone was full of gentle raillery.
  • 8. Time is gentle and pitiful; throw thyself before his chariot.
  • 9. Harding's mild eyes looked at him in gentle reproof.
  • 10. The gentle lady-like girl impressed the backwoodsman in a wondrous manner.
  • 11. But I could read the anxious expression of that gentle face none the less.
  • 12. Lawrence watched as Lola, with gentle hands, administered to Randolph's wants.

How to use Gentle in a Sentence?

  • 1. Her character was without blemish, and she was of a most kindly and gentle disposition.
  • 2. Whoever was creating those gentle yet clear and expressive notes was a master of the cornet.
  • 3. The lady was charmed by this homage; this mute and gentle admiration; and was happy in it.
  • 4. A deep strange hush had fallen over all nature, broken only by the gentle music of the bell.
  • 5. Oh, Susy, you sweet little biographer, you break my old heart with your gentle charities!
  • 6. A gentle breeze, warm, sweet-scented, caressed me as I drank in the beauty of the scene.
  • 7. The Bhutya, tired of green peas and young wheat, looked after us and followed us at a gentle trot.
  • 8. Be gentle to him, sea, and rage no more, But rest, oh rest, upon thy sandy shore.
  • 9. I know his mind so well, That when he raves the loudest, I can make him As gentle as a lamb.
  • 10. She waited for a period in the gentle flow of criticism on the prevalent modes, and then she boldly broke in.
  • 11. By gentle blows furnished by the escapement at exactly the proper times, the heavy pendulum is kept in motion.
  • 12. Her father's voice poured out in a golden flood, running the gamut from anger to gentle suasion.
  • 13. He reached down inside my shirt, with a none too gentle hand, and relieved me of the belt that held the money.
  • 14. Once when the officials of the library of Bologna threw out his books the gentle poet went up there and challenged the whole fifteen!
  • 15. Of the whole of his suite only two dared to imitate him, the stately Amazon and the gentle stripling.
  • 16. She was out of caste, without caste, though she had never dreamed it, and that was the gentle way they broke the information to her.
  • 17. He was always either drawing or talking, and delighted in teasing the poor cure, who generally answered in a gentle and becoming manner.
  • 18. They all belonged to the "lords of creation," with the exception of two who were of the gentle sex, that wears crinoline.
  • 19. He varied his method, making gentle experiments, but at the end of ten minutes the lard can was still empty and the cow was growing restless.
  • 20. Pinkey led the horse back and in no gentle fashion Canby was pulled over the edge for the second time, where he lay limp.
  • 21. There sang the poor little bird who, though the bars of her cage were gilded, and her master gentle and kind, was a prisoner for life.
  • 22. There was a third, Carrie; she was the blue, and was gentle and contented with everything, like her father.
  • 23. Under a grave and gentle exterior burned inextinguishable fires of sympathy, energy, devotion, enthusiasm, and absolutely limitless affection.
  • 24. Sandy Tom was at home; I could only imagine the gentle rub of the head with which he would have assented.
  • 25. Geve me leave, gentle reader, in a new art, to borrow termes incident to the purpose, quhilk, being defyned, wil further understanding.
  • 26. Puss was tamed by gentle usage; Tiney was not to be tamed at all; and Bess had a courage and confidence that made him tame from the beginning.
  • 27. Sometimes we would hear gentle music in the drawing-room and would find her there at the piano singing ancient and melancholy songs with infinitely touching effect.
  • 28. There was no abatement of her gentle sweetness of voice or aspect, but the air of command combined with it as though it came direct and without effort as a gift from heaven.