Genus in a sentence

Definition of Genus

(taxonomy) a rank in the classification of organisms, below family and above species; a taxon at that rank | A group with common attributes. | (topology, graph theory, algebraic geometry) A natural number representing any of several related measures of the complexity of a given manifold or graph.

How to use Genus in a Sentence?

  • New genus of Cystignathidae from Texas.
  • One cast, genus unknown, perhaps a Cardium.
  • This genus is resolved by Cullen into that of Convulsio.
  • Synopsis of the American shrews of the genus Sorex.
  • The genus Goniodes (Fig.

Short Example Sentence for Genus

  • How then is a genus to be defined?
  • O foelicissimum genus hominum!
  • The stem in this genus is cartilaginous.
  • In this genus the spores are black.
  • Nor can the species or the genus have a contrary.
  • It designates a genus of which the other is a species.
  • The mouse genus is one of these.
  • Motion is the genus of which heat is the species.
  • The divers genus are sum plenty.
  • Perhaps the genus contains 350 species.
  • Quid genus et proauos strepitis?
  • Very few species of this genus have any economic value.
  • There is only one genus that has both volva and ring.
  • This genus has a veil resembling a cobweb.
  • This method supplements the category of genus and species.
  • For him, genus and species are eternal.
  • In this genus the margin of the cap is at first incurved.
  • The genus takes its name from the flat filaments.
  • You are not a species of the genus ostrich, or goat.
  • Omne hominum genus in terris simili surgit ab ortu.
  • Ginger is a genus of the monogynia order, class monandria.
  • The condylarth genus Ellipsodon.
  • The most degraded genus is Gyropus.
  • A systematic review of the genus Phylloscopus.
  • Allii genus Ophioscorodon dictum quibusdam.
  • Allii genus forte Scorodoprasum alterum.
  • Quod enim genus figuraest, ego non quod habuerim?
  • Blanco gives the name of the genus as Ugena.
  • On those characters the genus Diopecephalus was defined.
  • He and the corncrib, it seemed, knew the genus well.
  • A new genus and species of Mexican frogs.
  • A new genus and species of Mexican hylid frogs.
  • Speciation and evolution of the pygmy mice, genus Baiomys.
  • Descriptions of two species of frogs, genus Ptychohyla.
  • Moseath, vbi et fit ijs, nescio quod genus circumcisionis.

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