Girl in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Girl

1. The girl is very pretty. 🔊

2. The girl shook her head. 🔊

3. Which boy or girl is north of you? 🔊

4. The girl seemed not much impressed. 🔊

5. The girl passed by without observing them. 🔊

6. The spectacled girl rubbed her nose thoughtfully. 🔊

7. There is a little girl at the class who sits very near me. 🔊

8. She was a small, slender girl of about eighteen. 🔊

9. As she expected, the girl laughed a quick negative. 🔊

10. Even at such times a girl knows how to take care of her clothes! 🔊

11. She remained both girl and woman to the last day of her life. 🔊

12. And the girl looked questioningly into her friend's eyes. 🔊

13. His thoughts paused, for he had forgotten the girl up-stairs. 🔊

14. The girl came out, and her expression was heightened into positive radiance. 🔊

15. The young girl who came to the doore wished to know who we wanted to see. 🔊

16. Oh, it was very cruel to deceive a poor little girl in this heartless way! 🔊

How to use Girl in Sentences?

1. He would not enter a room where a girl was; nothing could persuade him to do such a thing. 🔊

2. Rosamond Merton was not the sort of girl who cares to postpone interesting events. 🔊

3. There was nothing else to do, and they must do something, or else the girl would die. 🔊

4. Its track led them to the rocky retreat, the girl has been seen, and everything discovered. 🔊

5. And this simple Englishwoman looked at this sensitive girl in sheer wonderment and alarm. 🔊

6. Sad, speechless, broken as he never was before, he does not even greet the girl as he enters. 🔊

7. So was a little girl nearest to them and next to me, but I could not help regarding her. 🔊