Glove in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Glove

1. She drew her glove over it. 🔊

2. You have thrown down the glove to him once too often. 🔊

3. Ruth was twisting up her glove in her hand. 🔊

4. She drew her glove over the ring. 🔊

5. He was also to have a glove on his right hand. 🔊

6. Overland took the glove and tucked it in his pocket. 🔊

7. The glove lay in my favorite passage. 🔊

8. Frank stuck the little glove up on the tall chimney. 🔊

9. Your glove is worn: you must replace it. 🔊

10. Mother, why did you throw that glove at Mason? 🔊

11. Or rather on the glove I lately found. 🔊

12. He spake And struck his right-hand glove upon his knee. 🔊

13. Dolly blushed crimson as she stooped to look for a glove that she had dropped. 🔊

14. It tanned well and made a glove that has been a favorite from the first. 🔊

15. She pulled off her glove and began to take off her diamond rings. 🔊

16. Young Nelligan took up the glove with a strange feeling of bashful reverence. 🔊

17. She wore one glove (wrong side out), and was carrying the other one. 🔊

How to use Glove in Sentences?

1. He had a glove that was ripped and he hoped she would take pity on him and sew it up. 🔊

2. After the glove contest Browning had very little to say about the freshman leader. 🔊