Gluttonous in a sentence

Definition of Gluttonous

Given to excessive eating; prone to overeating. | Greedy.

Short Example Sentence for Gluttonous

  • 1. Do the feasters gluttonous feast?
  • 2. The middle-aged, bespangled, gluttonous woman was absent.
  • 3. The gluttonous animal, therefore, when it swarms and multiplies, is a scourge.

How to use Gluttonous in a Sentence?

  • 1. He passes for a mean, inflated, gluttonous creature; and was so in many senses.
  • 2. I was much addicted to the excessive gluttonous eating of apples and pears, &c. 3.
  • 3. But I was now about to be delivered over to the cold, cruel, gluttonous tribes of the fish.
  • 4. The brothers were killed by an evil gluttonous power like Kwai Hemm and put in a food chest.
  • 5. We live in a world in which every cup of tea we drink and every pipe of tobacco we smoke pays toll to this ancient and gluttonous dragon.
  • 6. The red honey-comb generally contains large numbers of dead bees, but our exceedingly gluttonous people thought little of these.
  • 7. It is as wicked as Nero, as gluttonous as a cormorant; and it makes cowards, slaves, lick-spittles of some of the best of men.
  • 8. Thus, having suffered such a long train of calamities on account of his good actions, he was now upon the point of losing his life for curing a gluttonous lord.
  • 9. Another shop, one in front of the Square des Innocents, also filled her with gluttonous inquisitiveness, a fever of longing desire.