Go in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Go

1. Things cannot go on as they are. 🔊

2. But you encourage him to go on with it. 🔊

3. Please go and tell her. 🔊

4. I cannot let you go back again. 🔊

5. Do go on about the yachting trip. 🔊

6. I cannot go back to that girl. 🔊

7. He cannot see his cousin go to the workhouse. 🔊

8. We must go back; we cannot live in a tent by the wayside. 🔊

9. He dared not go to bed; he sat looking into space. 🔊

10. But you must go at once to Ford. 🔊

11. I shall go mad if I do. 🔊

12. My orders were to go to Gnatong as a temporary measure. 🔊

13. Besides, I must go on with my work. 🔊

14. Poor chap, I wanted him to go back to the army. 🔊

15. Mr. Price, I want to speak to you before you go out. 🔊

16. I shall go mad if you don't. 🔊

17. But they could not go out driving on the day of the funeral. 🔊

18. He could go to a public-house and dine off a sausage and potato. 🔊

19. I don't see how a piece could go better. 🔊

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