Gong in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Gong

1. At a sign the gong ceases. 🔊

2. There goes that hateful gong again. 🔊

3. A harsh gong rang through the halls. 🔊

4. The first gong for dinner boomed. 🔊

5. A gong rang three times. 🔊

6. The dinner gong brought a merciful release. 🔊

7. Far up the track an ambulance gong clanged frantically. 🔊

8. Twenty-first week, beating of gong enchains attention (85). 🔊

9. The performance was hardly completed when the gong rang for supper. 🔊

10. I was quite sorry when the gong sounded for luncheon and we went in. 🔊

11. That the prisoners might not know of my departure, the gong was not rung. 🔊

12. The gong was struck for the last time; we hasten into our cars. 🔊

13. He came down as the gong sounded, and his expression had somewhat cleared. 🔊

14. Nw gong thene erosta to and brocht thene thjaf by tha skelte. 🔊

How to use Gong in Sentences?

1. But her labors were interrupted by the harsh music of war, by gong and tymbalon. 🔊

2. Somewhere afield a valiant bronze gong called infidels to the feet of an insufferable clay god. 🔊

3. A man with a gong always headed the way; there was a driver to every five animals. 🔊

4. The low, mournful voice of a temple gong floated across the race of brown water. 🔊

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