Grateful in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Grateful

1. Bruce was grateful for my letter. 🔊

2. Jane flashed a grateful glance up at him. 🔊

3. I treasure my relations with him in grateful recollection. 🔊

4. She assented with a grateful glance and pressure of the hand. 🔊

5. She used to be so sweet-tempered and reasonable, grateful for everything. 🔊

6. John, perturbed of spirit and sore of heart, had been grateful for her favour. 🔊

7. Your grateful friend, BEETHOVEN. 🔊

8. Poor father couldn't speak, but his eyes told me how grateful he was to stay. 🔊

9. Now, as ever, Your grateful friend, BEETHOVEN. 🔊

How to use Grateful in Sentences?

1. She had prepared with her own hands the meal which her grateful patrons were consuming. 🔊

2. Jerry was not only grateful to his fair preserver, but fell violently in love with her. 🔊

3. Too grateful for the blessing lent Of simple tastes and mind content! 🔊

4. I appreciate the friendly spirit in which you make the offer, and I am very grateful for it. 🔊

5. In a word, I read the book to rags, and was infinitely grateful to the hand that wrote it. 🔊

6. And glowedst, young and good, Deceived with grateful thanks To yonder slumbering one? 🔊

7. He had every reason to be grateful to them, but he was just a step or two above them in criminal artistry. 🔊

8. Eustace and she always got on well together, and to-night he was grateful to her for being such a chatterbox. 🔊

9. Nor are we left without powerful instincts to make this duty as dear and grateful to us as it is awful and coercive. 🔊

10. For she worshipped him in secret, grateful to him for lifting her out of the gutter, and regarded him as the arbiter of her destiny. 🔊

11. In conclusion I tender my most grateful thanks to all those who have so kindly collaborated with or for me in the various sections. 🔊

12. She was very grateful for what he had done for her, and she had been glad of Anne's engagement. 🔊

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