Gratify in a sentence

Definition of Gratify

(transitive) To please. | (transitive) To make content; to satisfy.

Short Example Sentence for Gratify

  • 1. Why not just gratify it?
  • 2. And gratify my anger.
  • 3. To gratify the youth the safest way.
  • 4. I did not gratify their curiosity, of course.
  • 5. Be thine ambition human, and I can gratify it to the full.
  • 6. I have finally come to the end of my doubts, if that will gratify you.
  • 7. Well, I can't gratify you this time.
  • 8. Victory might gratify Lousteau, but defeat could cause him no grief.
  • 9. To gratify my curiosity he read me the tale of Susanna and the Elders.
  • 10. Poor Harry had an aesthetic sense, and I did my best to gratify it.
  • 11. You have the collector's instinct and the means to gratify it.

How to use Gratify in a Sentence?

  • 1. Thousands of societies will spring up to gratify every taste and every possible fancy.
  • 2. But that will be all right, of course, when she has the money to gratify her tastes.
  • 3. Our lovely frauleins expressing a wish to attend it, we made up our minds to gratify them.
  • 4. He is, for all his fairy music, on the look-out for things that will gratify his appetite.
  • 5. Germany was equally ready to have the Turk gratify his imperialist and religious ambitions.
  • 6. Mrs. Barnaby had a lively curiosity and always took the most straightforward means to gratify it.
  • 7. Mademoiselle Reichel had the courage, rare in her sex, to gratify this wish of the author.
  • 8. I was enabled to gratify Bishop Sumner in a way that touched his heart, as thus.
  • 9. To gratify a loose desire; My love is chaste, without alloy Of wanton wish or lustful fire.
  • 10. She prevailed in this, as she did in nearly everything which involved only the will of her father to gratify her.
  • 11. Simply to gratify the vulgar, selfish convenience of this or that individual regardless of the general good.
  • 12. Thus does society blind itself to the origin of the fortunes, a fraction of which goes to gratify it with gifts.
  • 13. To-day he was at peace with the world, with three sound appetites the day and the wherewithal to gratify them.
  • 14. She liked to offer trifling presents to the other boarders, and the money allowed her to gratify that innocent taste.
  • 15. Finding me very curious about literary life and literary characters, he took much pains to gratify my curiosity.
  • 16. For, did she hold this very thing, to gratify her wrath and avenge herself on her husband more profitable than to spare her children?
  • 17. In our case, though there was no charge, they seemed disposed to gratify themselves by some sort of promiscuous revenge.
  • 18. But days and weeks passed away, and nothing turned up to gratify or satisfy public curiosity in the matter.
  • 19. These monuments, erected to gratify the fancy of a licentious king, make their appearance at every turn.
  • 20. No temptation has she to sell herself for the sake of a fashionable name or a fine house, or in order to gratify the prejudice of father or mother.
  • 21. The one is a natural desire for food to supply the wants of the system; the other is an artificial desire merely to gratify the palate.
  • 22. This narrative was originally written without the least idea of publication, but to gratify the oft-repeated requests of my children.
  • 23. She spoke sadly, for it was a deception that she was practicing upon her child, when she promised to gratify her wishes at a later hour.
  • 24. Their small school libraries give the children a taste for reading, but give them nothing to gratify that taste when they leave school.
  • 25. There is nothing more unsafe, and wearing to the constitution, than a habit of eating at any time, merely to gratify the palate.
  • 26. Her tastes, to be sure, were modest, but the wherewithal to gratify them had always been almost stultifyingly near at hand.
  • 27. With a beating heart he put on his coat and hat, and, furtively opening the door, slunk out to gratify his hateful lust.
  • 28. In this way many rural districts are depopulated, or kept under-populated, simply to gratify the selfish temper of a great proprietor.
  • 29. Here some of the martyrs of Jesus poured out their life, to gratify horrible curiosity, and to satiate the hunger of lions.