Greater in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Greater

1. Both greater than the present. 🔊

2. I have not attempted to rear them at a greater age. 🔊

3. And a man who does his duty is greater than a king. 🔊

4. I ne'er saw, ne'er shall see, a greater fool. 🔊

5. I was sorry for him, but my fear was greater than my sympathy. 🔊

6. There every sense experienced a threefold greater bliss than here below. 🔊

7. What greater happiness than to live here, and with this woman! 🔊

8. We may be a very little people, but we recognize no greater anywhere. 🔊

9. The greater part of the guests, however, decline the invitation. 🔊

10. But great as was their surprise, greater was Lawrence's. 🔊

How to use Greater in Sentences?

1. The greater percentage of these have been home-made copies of standard machines. 🔊

2. Jerry reeled in his saddle, but gathered himself together and urged his horse to greater speed. 🔊

3. Kemeny has lost the affection of the greater part of the country; why I need not now tell you. 🔊

4. So far as I remember, however, you wished to have nothing to do with the greater works. 🔊

5. I shall first introduce the Cockaynes as holding the greater "lengths" on my stage. 🔊

6. Once they reigned supreme, now they are subordinated to a power or idea greater or more comprehensive than their own. 🔊

7. Who can say that a punishment for a limited period would have answered that end in a greater or more desirable degree? 🔊

8. This being the case, it follows that the greater part of the objections above insisted upon fall to the ground. 🔊

9. The others jumped the hedge, and the greater part of the field got over the brook in capital style. 🔊

10. Later on, when we had moved from our first camp to that which we occupied for the greater part of the time, the bazaar developed. 🔊

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