Handfuls in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Handfuls

1. And her hair fell out in great handfuls at a time. 🔊

2. He tore his hair In handfuls from his brow. 🔊

3. I gathered up the gems by handfuls and stuffed them into my wallet. 🔊

4. Their stores were reduced to a few handfuls of flour and a little tea. 🔊

5. Peter knelt down and raised handfuls of water to his eyes from a tub. 🔊

How to use Handfuls in Sentences?

1. He began at once with great activity to chafe his hands and face with handfuls of the snow. 🔊

2. The berries pour in handfuls in the baskets, which show in some cases signs of plethora. 🔊

3. He dropped his musket, and began rapidly to throw great handfuls of sand upon the fire. 🔊

4. In one place stood the captain, raving, stamping and tearing his hair in handfuls from his head. 🔊

5. Teganouan scraped a few handfuls of earth from a corner and spread it over the spot where the chief had been. 🔊

6. Denham looked after them, and made as if he were tearing handfuls of grass up by the roots from the carpet. 🔊

7. Rob stooped down and picked up two big handfuls of the stones and threw them as far as he could throw them. 🔊

8. He gathered his last nuggets and hurled them in handfuls at the mirror, shattering it in countless pieces. 🔊

9. Every now and then the wind brought a few handfuls of dust over the wall from the road, and dropped it on his stooping back. 🔊

10. Over this he raked a quantity of red-hot embers, and then covered the whole with a few handfuls of earth. 🔊

11. He somehow managed to splash water from a pitcher to the basin, then scooped handfuls of it to his face. 🔊