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How To Use Hard In A Sentence?

  • My father was a hard man for any one to argue with, for he never knew when he was refuted.
  • The poor colored men had to work terribly hard as slaves and received no pay for their work.
  • How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!
  • I should, on the contrary, say that he was of a soft rather than a hard nature.
  • Every one will remain in his place hard by his saddled horse, without laying aside arms or armour.
  • Perseverance, hard work and brains, however, carried the motion picture chums through.
  • Bruce never guessed that it might be quite as hard for a failure to be unselfish as for a successful person.
  • Their country is so crowded, and it is so hard to earn a living there, that most of the people are very poor.
  • He was very hard of hearing, and he had a habit common to deaf people of shouting his remarks instead of delivering them in an ordinary voice.
  • His wife tried hard to make the scheme succeed, and if anybody could have made it succeed she would have done it.
  • It was rather dim to read expressions, but she thought a strange look flitted across the eager face that was staring so hard at her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hard | Hard Sentence

  • This has proved a hard task.
  • He was by this time very hard aground.
  • She wrung his hand hard at parting.
  • But it was a hard night for me in one way.
  • No hard and fast rule for all words can be laid down.
  • It is even hard to tell which is land and which is water.
  • Thus we got along, but it was pretty hard sledding.
  • You see I was hard pushed there.
  • There followed a day that Gray found very hard to bear.
  • Don't be hard on the chap.
  • And that's a bit of hard truth for you.
  • Gray seated himself again and tried hard to recover his coolness.
  • We should have been hard put to it if one had been obliged to obey the other.
  • Hubert found it hard to affect interest in these conversations.
  • Byrne found it a hard matter not to fall into listening to the silence.
  • It was of course hard to write when one is being harassed by creditors.
  • Lumley's cold mocking glance was too hard to bear.
  • I take you for a man who will be most cursedly hard up before long. . .
  • I will call you hard names; you must answer with harder ones.
  • The fellow's hard up, and that's what makes people desperate.
  • Hammond's Hard Lines.
  • As romancer to the children I had a hard time, even from the beginning.
  • He is tall and thin, but I do not think that his nature is hard and dry.
  • He looks poor, and I fancy he has lived through very hard times.
  • We talked, as usual, about the weather, the crops, politics, and hard times.
  • Oh, how happy I am, and how hard I'll try to study.
  • Oh, how hard we'll try not to grow too pleased with ourselves now!
  • The sound had been like the beat of a horse's hoofs against hard rock.
  • And if we get too hard up, we'll both go out as daily governesses.

Definition of Hard

(of material or fluid) Having a severe property; presenting difficulty. | (personal or social) Having a severe property; presenting difficulty. | Unquestionable.
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