Harmonious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Harmonious

1. We can not say a harmonious union. 🔊

2. Is heard in a chorus Harmonious and bold. 🔊

3. Happy to whom mother Nature a shape harmonious has given! 🔊

4. It can only be defined as the general harmonious well-being of life. 🔊

5. The home is our chance to train a man to harmonious usefulness in his world. 🔊

6. So then in your concord and harmonious charity Jesus Christ is sung. 🔊

How to use Harmonious in Sentences?

1. Temper is the harmonious and well-balanced working of the different powers of the mind. 🔊

2. And this conception he has the power to translate into a beautifully logical and harmonious form. 🔊

3. The complicated and yet harmonious motions of the heavenly bodies had hitherto been inexplicable. 🔊

4. Her face was turned away; the light fell upon her throat and the harmonious lines of her figure. 🔊

5. What, in short, is the harmonious and sympathetic spell that breathes through Nature? 🔊

6. And as the choral planets move harmonious throughout space, There was music in her pace. 🔊

7. It has grown up under the joint and harmonious patronage of these two State Churches. 🔊

8. There was something so sweet and so harmonious in her expression, that you felt sure at once she was as good as she was beautiful. 🔊

9. Both lack of emotional discipline and narrow one-sidedness of emotions interfere with the harmonious development. 🔊

10. In normal and healthy conditions the two currents of psychic life run on harmonious but independent. 🔊

11. An ideal picture of the harmonious development of our water resources for all purposes is one that is not too difficult to realize. 🔊

12. It does not train the affections to virtuous and harmonious action, but denies to them all action and consigns them to extinction. 🔊

13. How strangely these works contrast with ours, where an harmonious work in colours is scarcely ever seen. 🔊

14. That they had a deep-seated inclination to what is harmonious and beautiful is proved by their first great work of art, their language. 🔊

15. Was he of that grade in society in which the natural offences are or are not consonant to, or harmonious with, outrages upon stocks? 🔊

16. Janet noticed, even in the midst of her trepidation, how wonderfully sweet and soft and harmonious the voice was. 🔊