Harmonious in a sentence

Definition of Harmonious

Showing accord in feeling or action. | Having components pleasingly or appropriately combined. | Melodious; in harmony.

How to use Harmonious in a Sentence?

  • And this conception he has the power to translate into a beautifully logical and harmonious form.
  • Temper is the harmonious and well-balanced working of the different powers of the mind.
  • The complicated and yet harmonious motions of the heavenly bodies had hitherto been inexplicable.
  • Her face was turned away; the light fell upon her throat and the harmonious lines of her figure.
  • What, in short, is the harmonious and sympathetic spell that breathes through Nature?
  • And as the choral planets move harmonious throughout space, There was music in her pace.
  • It has grown up under the joint and harmonious patronage of these two State Churches.
  • There was something so sweet and so harmonious in her expression, that you felt sure at once she was as good as she was beautiful.
  • Both lack of emotional discipline and narrow one-sidedness of emotions interfere with the harmonious development.
  • In normal and healthy conditions the two currents of psychic life run on harmonious but independent.
  • An ideal picture of the harmonious development of our water resources for all purposes is one that is not too difficult to realize.
  • It does not train the affections to virtuous and harmonious action, but denies to them all action and consigns them to extinction.
  • How strangely these works contrast with ours, where an harmonious work in colours is scarcely ever seen.
  • Janet noticed, even in the midst of her trepidation, how wonderfully sweet and soft and harmonious the voice was.
  • Was he of that grade in society in which the natural offences are or are not consonant to, or harmonious with, outrages upon stocks?
  • That they had a deep-seated inclination to what is harmonious and beautiful is proved by their first great work of art, their language.
  • The whole social life must shape itself in such a way that everyone finds the best possible chances to perfect this harmonious growth.
  • Knowledge, reason, and experience now supply such varied yet harmonious and converging lines of evidence that a doubt seems impossible.
  • She went on with astonishing fluency, in smooth harmonious rhyme, without the hesitation of a breath, for half an hour.
  • If, in modern times, we were to say that the universe is a harmonious whole, we should understand that we are merely using a metaphor from music.
  • Those harmonious dreams were fleeting, yet blessed moments of comfort given them by the love of God.
  • Society, relieved of its cross-tensions, is resolved and organized into an harmonious and freely acting whole, seeking a definite object.
  • Beatrice Haldane was very beautiful, and every curve and fold of the simple dress was immaculate and harmonious because it seemed a part of her.
  • Neither we nor France nor England were conducting a separate campaign; we were separate units of an harmonious whole.
  • But all this harmonious development of intellect and temperament and character has to go on when the school days are over and just here begins the duty of the community as a whole.
  • It is only a physician who has instituted provings upon himself, that is capable of comprehending this harmonious blending of the two therapeutic agents.
  • This harmonious versification was replaced in the seventeenth century by a system in which account was no longer taken of consonantal rhyme or of the number of syllables.
  • The means of guiding employed by the latter will immediately be answered by the horse, if his forces have been previously disposed in a perfectly harmonious state.
  • It would consider mainly how the waste and obstruction of these conflicting purposes of the social life might be overcome by giving desires more harmonious and more positive direction.
  • Thus has the writer endeavoured to work his way through the mingled lights and obscurity of human systems into a bright and beautiful vision of the great harmonious system of the world itself.
  • Statistics is the basis of all generalizations, and it is only from a close comparison of these, for ages, that the harmonious movement of all things can be clearly proved.

Short Example Sentence for Harmonious

  • We can not say a harmonious union.
  • Language like that, to me, strikes a very harmonious note.
  • Is heard in a chorus Harmonious and bold.
  • Happy to whom mother Nature a shape harmonious has given!
  • It can only be defined as the general harmonious well-being of life.
  • The home is our chance to train a man to harmonious usefulness in his world.
  • It soothes like the sound of harmonious music, the sight of harmonious beauty.
  • So then in your concord and harmonious charity Jesus Christ is sung.
  • So far as I saw the Pimas were very harmonious and kindly in family life.

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