Haughty In A Sentence

Definition of Haughty

Conveying in demeanour the assumption of superiority; disdainful, supercilious.

How To Use Haughty In A Sentence?

  • Meanwhile the old lady had retired with a haughty toss of her towering bonnet, followed by Franz.
  • He sought out the man he knew must be Colonel Roth by his haughty air and his stripes.
  • The ladies bowed with that kind of haughty acknowledgment which shows that compliments from such a source are distasteful.
  • In a blaze of haughty contempt he let his jackal see that he was understood and appreciated at his proper value.
  • Intrenched in their possessions the landed class looked down with haughty disdain upon the farming and laboring classes.
  • Then the girl turned and walked towards him with as haughty a carriage as ever a society belle could boast.
  • His only expression was that of haughty self-content; but there was no real pride in his bearing, and no reserve.
  • How proud he'd look under you, with that haughty snort he gives, as he bends his knee.
  • She was an apt pupil and soon became the most popular girl in the school, and the haughty ones were proud to be classed as her friends.
  • No sooner was she at the fountain than from the wood came a lady most handsomely attired, who asked the haughty girl for a drink from her pitcher.
  • Their positions were changed; the hitherto submissive daughter now commanded, and forced the haughty father to subjection.
  • She gathered up her skirts, and fled incontinently across the streets, with policemen looking after her with haughty disapprobation.
  • There was the same hard, stony glance, the same defiant bearing, the same haughty elevation of the brows.
  • Highly offended by this haughty command, the woman immediately retired, leaving me for the rest of that day in total solitude.
  • Gone the haughty usurpation of authority, gone the love of rule and command, gone the pride of personal charms.
  • Awtry received the sentence of the court with haughty indifference, and was led back to prison, to await death by hanging.
  • As it was unusual in one of his haughty and arrogant temper, it deceived completely all except Marcel and myself.
  • As for the rest of the wild beasts of the forests, he treated them all, without distinction, in the most haughty and disdainful manner.
  • He wondered, with his wide knowledge of the world, over her wild, haughty beauty, and gloated over it.
  • Lady Maria answered, with a haughty smile, that she rather conceived she had a right to dance before me.
  • But Isabel did not look at him, and all through the service she sat with a haughty pose of the head, gazing down into her lap.
  • Hans surveyed me with a watery eye as though waiting for me to explain them, but I looked haughty and declined to oblige.
  • He did not seem a happy man, nor even so haughty as I always imagined he would be in the midst of war delirium.
  • The haughty old Quaker, as was evident to us all, considered this search of his house a piece of gross insolence.
  • Wealth and honors were his and an English wife, a haughty woman of half-noble family, who completed the work of alienation.
  • A low growling chuckle escaped the Arab's deep chest, and his eyes flashed in haughty contempt.
  • The haughty Arab, however, might have been made of wood for all the sign he gave of either pain or humiliation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Haughty | Haughty Sentence

  • But her face was no longer haughty and cold.
  • Shall haughty men my back bestride?
  • And with haughty step she started to pass him.
  • That we may do more harmes then haughty pride.
  • He stiffened up, suddenly haughty looking.
  • Now his haughty spirit blazed forth as strongly as ever.
  • I gave him a stare as haughty as I knew how to make it.
  • Does Haughty Gaul Invasion Threat?
  • Her pride had been stung to the quick by the haughty woman in the school.
  • Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
  • The horror that she spreads can claim Just title to her haughty name.
  • Madame Wampa said "Very well," in a tone of haughty resignation.
  • The haughty clergy rode over the people's rights and prayers rough-shod.

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