Heartbroken in a sentence

Definition of Heartbroken

Suffering from grief, especially after a failed romance.

How to use Heartbroken in a Sentence?

  • Quickly withdrawing both hands, he put them over his face and cried like a heartbroken child.
  • He stopped, with a feeling of despair, and felt heartbroken at that eternal separation.
  • His axent wuz heartbroken and I fancied that there wuz a little tone of repentance in it.
  • The heartbroken words of Mary at the foot of the Cross have already been quoted.
  • Valetta was not at first heartbroken on hearing that she was not to go in for the language examination.
  • Whether or not there was any truth in this charge the king was certainly not heartbroken by the loss.
  • I suppose the child was as nearly heartbroken as any one could be, for her mother was everything to her.
  • Clif was so heartbroken at that sudden ending of all his hopes, that he scarcely cared whether he was drowned or not.
  • The elder sister of his little playmate, she herself was but a child, but this helped her no more than her heartbroken sobbing.
  • Even a man heartbroken would have had to grin; and Pilar had persuaded me not to be heartbroken yet.
  • Poor old Garibaldi is half heartbroken at the inglorious ending of his great career, and no fault of his.
  • Genevieve is in Catherine's room now telling her how heartbroken she is, I suppose.
  • One velvety little gray beauty we saw on the Via Maqueda was undoubtedly heartbroken at having such disagreeable work to do.
  • So appealing, so heartbroken was the cry one might have thought that Lise, wherever she was, would have heard it.
  • The old man adored the sister of Jack Tullis; he was heartbroken and crushed by the news of the catastrophe.
  • Washington himself felt the loss of his unfortunate step-daughter, but he was unflagging in trying to console the mother, heartbroken at the death of the child.

Short Example Sentence for Heartbroken

  • She is heartbroken that he should have accepted this case.
  • I am alone, heartbroken and utterly wretched.
  • I was heartbroken when I heard he was killed.
  • And Abraham bows low in heartbroken obedience.
  • People all over the world were heartbroken at the death of their first baby.
  • No heartbroken woman's could have been sadder.
  • Andor with a sigh of heartbroken disappointment now turned to go into the inn.
  • Poor Mona Montague was almost heartbroken over the sudden death of her uncle.
  • I can't tell you how heartbroken I am about the whole thing.

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