Heaven in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Heaven

1. Move heaven and earth! 🔊

2. My prayer to heaven has at length been heard. 🔊

3. And when night vanishes, heaven is hid again. 🔊

4. Now Heaven be praised! 🔊

5. May Heaven have pity on me! 🔊

6. May Heaven preserve you! 🔊

7. This is the earthly heaven of the Parisians. 🔊

8. God in heaven be Thou his sentry. 🔊

9. He blessed Heaven that it was uncrumpled. 🔊

10. There is a Judge in heaven who knows the heart. 🔊

11. May Heaven at length bring it to a close! 🔊

12. Why should a cloud obscure the heaven of Damanhour? 🔊

13. So Heaven prosper right and justice and true chivalry! 🔊

14. Fore Heaven I believe so. 🔊

15. O God of Heaven look down and judge! 🔊

16. Fore Heaven I did not think him such a churl. 🔊

17. He who errs and mends, Himself to Heaven commends. 🔊

18. And Heaven send, that you may rather do What honor bids! 🔊

19. He whom Heaven favors may St. Peter bless. 🔊

20. I have never had inside my head so much as a hint of heaven and hell. 🔊

21. I was only a boy, and was already in a radiant heaven of anticipation. 🔊

How to use Heaven in Sentences?

1. He prayed loudly and strenuously as if heaven were to be taken by force of lungs. 🔊

2. It was as if all the thunders of heaven had gathered in one place to smite the earth. 🔊