Heavenly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Heavenly

1. Down with the heavenly maid! 🔊

2. Oh, where all at once had this heavenly rest flown? 🔊

3. There is a heavenly terrace, flanked by marvelous trees. 🔊

4. Then tell us, how the heavenly aspect shows. 🔊

5. Shall I find my heavenly bread in the reigning poets? 🔊

6. Makes sure Olympus, heavenly powers combining? 🔊

7. The alchemists designated the metals by the names of the heavenly bodies. 🔊

8. The heavenly bodies in his time were kept in boxes by an old chief. 🔊

9. FAUST Sweet angel, with thy face of heavenly bliss! 🔊

10. Anne had the look, indeed, of one who sees heavenly visions. 🔊

11. And this flower-language, darling, let it be A heavenly oracle! 🔊

12. For on her face Rests heavenly grace, Which troubles all doth banish. 🔊

How to use Heavenly in Sentences?

1. The messenger of the gods, he flits before them, a heavenly ambassador to mortals. 🔊

2. Within our hearts no selfish poison leave, For thou the heavenly antidote canst win. 🔊

3. They talke of circles and of powerfull spells, Heeres heavenly art that all blacke art excells. 🔊

4. Misconstrue not Her pure and heavenly rapture, blaming it As lustful heat unbridled. 🔊

5. In this recumbent form, supremely fair, The essence must I see of heavenly grace? 🔊

6. Music, heavenly maid, is young in Heart's Desire, but it ain't any baby that you're listenin' to. 🔊

7. His name was Heavenly Contemplation; Of God and goodness, was his meditation. 🔊