Heedlessness In A Sentence

How To Use Heedlessness In A Sentence?

  • He was forced, in some confusion, to attribute his heedlessness to a life-long defect in hearing.
  • We must all make allowances for the heedlessness of youth," added she, in a tone of compassion.
  • The causes of David's heedlessness throw a light on the character of that young man.
  • In meeting the case of desertions, caused by the heedlessness and weakness of seamen, Nelson became more vague.
  • Many a dawn hath the breeze of My loving-kindness wafted over thee and found thee upon the bed of heedlessness fast asleep.
  • And this some one, taking advantage of his heedlessness and knowing from his words that the papers existed, had searched his jacket and rifled the pockets!
  • This is the true philosophy of most of what is called heedlessness in children, and for which, poor things, they receive so many harsh reprimands and so much punishment.
  • Cornelius no longer seemed formidable to the young man when he threw himself on the pallet where so many poor wretches had wakened to their doom; and this light-hearted heedlessness proved his ruin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heedlessness | Heedlessness Sentence

  • And my heedlessness drove Grimes to go and tell him.

Definition of Heedlessness

The state or character of being heedless
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Heedlessness in a sentence

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