Hello in a sentence

Definition of Hello

(transitive) To greet with "hello". | "Hello!" or an equivalent greeting. | A greeting (salutation) said when meeting someone or acknowledging someone’s arrival or presence.

How to use Hello in a Sentence?

  • She paused only to say hello and to ask how we were progressing with our organization meeting.
  • I didn't want to run my horse to death trying to say hello when she didn't want it that way.
  • Miss Sarah wants it explicitly understood that unless you stop in to say hello on your next trip down, she herself will take the trail up here.
  • He boarded with the Kanaka lady at Hello till his money give out, and then he married her to save board.

Short Example Sentence for Hello

  • I say, hello the blacksmith-shop!
  • Read Hello this afternoon.
  • Terry says to say Hello to you.
  • Where's Hello Island?
  • Say hello to your Uncle Jinks, young 'un.
  • Let's stop in here and put in long distance calls and say hello to our folks.
  • Villiers le sentiment, Hello l'amour, la littérature est une pâte azyme.

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