Hero in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Hero

1. Be a hero in the strife! 🔊

2. Swift as a hero to the fight! 🔊

3. And who is the hero of your story, my poor girl? 🔊

4. Here, where a hero fell, a column falls! 🔊

5. Lest this young captive win your hero from you. THAIS. 🔊

6. He seems to be the hero of all your stories, and he is quite impossible. 🔊

7. Foy is half a hero with them, because of these vague old stories. 🔊

8. The midnight adventure was forgotten, and the hero of it, too. 🔊

9. The theatre of the exploits of the hero of Montevideo was soon changed. 🔊

10. Johnny Bassett, almost the legendary hero of Goboto, broke all records. 🔊

How to use Hero in Sentences?

1. For several days the ears of our young hero had buzzed with little besides "movies" chatter. 🔊

2. The hero conquers, and atoning serves Mortals and gods, who thenceforth honor him. 🔊

3. At this moment David, the old huntsman, approached the hero and whispered something in his ear. 🔊

4. Each must select the hero after whom To climb the steep and difficult ascent Of high Olympus. 🔊