Heroism in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Heroism

1. Saintly to heroism in truth! 🔊

2. Her heroism was equal to the call to duty. 🔊

3. They have their heroism for humanity, too. 🔊

4. Ah, Agnes, always look out for heroism at dinner. 🔊

5. Even the heroism of the settler's wife was not for her. 🔊

6. War creates a heroism which later devotes itself to spiritual ends. 🔊

7. But this experience demanded heroism that almost approaches the sublime. 🔊

8. He commends the heroism of the young volunteers in their baptism of fire. 🔊

9. Their hardships, sufferings and heroism can never be forgotten. 🔊

10. Not the stuff out of which one would expect an austere heroism to be evolved. 🔊

11. It was their steadfast heroism at First Manassas that earned it. 🔊

How to use Heroism in Sentences?

1. He was moved to action by the heroism of that faith which had been kindled in him. 🔊

2. There is no courage in the display of sorrow; there is heroism in the control of it. 🔊

3. He painted the heroism of the boys at the fire in colours glowing as the flames. 🔊

4. This is indeed so, but few have the heroism or the strength to suffer to such a far point. 🔊

5. On both sides miracles of heroism were performed, but the enemy poured on irresistibly. 🔊

6. The pallid, appealing faces were patient with a heroism born only of the truest metal. 🔊

7. Let his heroism be never so secret, sooner or later those eyes would find him out. 🔊

8. But it is not only in America that the place-names tell us the stories of heroism and romance. 🔊

9. By daybreak Sam was on deck, studying as well as he could this new land of heroism and adventure. 🔊

10. We've all been forced into a heroism of which we did not think ourselves capable. 🔊