Hilarity in a sentence

Definition of Hilarity

(uncountable) A great amount of amusement, usually accompanied by laughter. | (countable) Something that induces laughter.

Short Example Sentence for Hilarity

  • 1. But there was less hilarity than usual on the return of a regiment.
  • 2. Loud bursts of hilarity now and then relieved the seriousness of the meeting.
  • 3. He joined them and added an element of great hilarity to the meal.
  • 4. On reassembling in our parlor an ominous lack of hilarity prevailed.
  • 5. The camp by the river was the scene of much hilarity at supper time.
  • 6. The school assembled to see them off, and there was much hilarity and noise.
  • 7. The wild, grotesque hilarity of those midnight songs can never be forgotten.
  • 8. The young man, his hilarity quickened, took but a moment for the truth.
  • 9. I do not know whether I heard the sounds of a suppressed hilarity or not.
  • 10. To-day, in the midst of hilarity and all unannounced, "company" did appear.
  • 11. The hilarity at the association's expense burst all bounds, now.

How to use Hilarity in a Sentence?

  • 1. She had enjoyed having her friends about her and seeing the hilarity of the children and youth.
  • 2. The governor got up a ball for them, where there was more hilarity than ceremony.
  • 3. From the time of this important communication the hilarity of the party went on increasing.
  • 4. Randall served great hilarity to the party by trying to breed his gelded horse to his mare ...
  • 5. After our hilarity had subsided they apologised, and hoped I had not hurt myself.
  • 6. Young Storms laughed a low, unpleasant laugh, which had nothing of genuine hilarity in it.
  • 7. I dine with them in New York; the hilarity and cheer of mind are increased in large degree.
  • 8. Herr Kurzbold, that same thought arose in my mind as I listened to your hilarity before I entered.
  • 9. One of Henderson's scouts caused much hilarity amongst the General's Staff this afternoon.
  • 10. Wherever you have belief you will have hilarity, wherever you have hilarity you will have some dangers.
  • 11. And never at other times was our house so overflowing with hilarity as at this climax of domestic enjoyment.
  • 12. It was rather with a tremulous interest than with open hilarity that the rumor was generally received.
  • 13. All this came in on him, as he watched them grow from geniality to hilarity and then on toward enthusiasm.
  • 14. We trotted out over the green borders of the bog to the town, where the riot and hilarity were audible.
  • 15. There was no undue hilarity about them, but a quiet determination which has been reflected in the stand made by the armies.
  • 16. Had the wild hilarity of his speech and demeanor in the evening been merely a new phase of disorder in an unsettled brain?
  • 17. Contrary to their expectation, the passengers had greatly enjoyed the trip; but it was out of their own hilarity rather than their surroundings.
  • 18. He seemed the very patriarch of the woods, but good humored, and with his rough hilarity soon explained his presence there.
  • 19. The officers, when not on duty, kept mostly in their staterooms, and there was no hilarity among the men.
  • 20. The ceremony continued with great hilarity and much frolicksome tittering and fun, until forty-eight squaws had kissed and been kissed by me.
  • 21. In the midst of this hilarity in walked a tall young man announcing himself, with an injured waiter in the background waving deprecating hands.
  • 22. The round of festivities attending the arrival of the wagon trains were not yet stilled, and fandangoes nightly gave hilarity a safety valve.
  • 23. This proved good advice, and the lecture, thus opened, started off with general hilarity and applause.
  • 24. As the day progressed, hilarity became more and more boisterous, and the holiday frequently ended in riotous demonstrations and street brawls.
  • 25. He, standing by the sideboard, napkin over arm, added to their hilarity by winking violently at regular intervals.
  • 26. They were welcomed with the usual warmth, and strange to say, by none more than the major himself, whose hilarity knew no bounds.
  • 27. Presently a full chorus of voices arose, tender, musical, half suppressed, but full of genuine hilarity and joy.
  • 28. Presently a full chorus of voices arose; tender, musical, half-suppressed, but full of genuine hilarity and joy.
  • 29. As they sat eating their rude meal, Regnar broke the silence; for it may well be believed that no great hilarity pervaded the little party.