Hollow in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Hollow

1. Be not a hollow tinkling fool! 🔊

2. The floor rang hollow at that spot. 🔊

3. Than yonder hollow skull is worth no more! 🔊

4. A hollow roar came up from the depths into which we gazed. 🔊

5. Which being done there were found in the hollow of it ten crowns in gold. 🔊

6. This was done, and the stag retired to a small hollow by the side of the road. 🔊

How to use Hollow in Sentences?

1. They were great hollow mountains made by man, out of glass and steel and rock. 🔊

2. He jumped up and ran back to a little hollow and lay down to hide in a patch of tall red flowers. 🔊

3. And I retired, taking with me the little heap of tobacco and the hollow tube of paper. 🔊

4. It lay in the hollow of my hand, and I stood looking at it for a long, long time. 🔊

5. My home was in a tree in Fairyland, but the tree was hollow and I had several rooms. 🔊

6. And when I came to the hollow where I drank, the water rippled from my moving it. 🔊

7. He scooped out a hollow in the sand below the bramble and lay down there in the tiny oasis of shadow he had thus obtained. 🔊

8. My father gave this one to me and told me of a hollow mountain, where there is one that is much greater. 🔊

9. Four men could not have encircled with extended arms, some of their old hollow curiously twisted trunks. 🔊

10. Not a little dubious of the event, the voices of the poor boys came up hollow and anxious from below, communicating this intelligence. 🔊