Homogeneous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Homogeneous

1. Cut through homogeneous sandstone. 🔊

2. Mankind is more homogeneous in spirit. 🔊

3. The anthracite beds seem to be denser and of a more homogeneous character. 🔊

4. The homogeneous etheric tendencies recede and finally determine. 🔊

5. But the cosmos must be made internally homogeneous in these same terms. 🔊

6. It is a homogeneous mass, scarcely a cell or aggregation of cells. 🔊

7. North Africa is wonderfully homogeneous in the matter of religion. 🔊

How to use Homogeneous in Sentences?

1. Originally the industrial units were held together in one homogeneous commercial setting. 🔊

2. Pressure is applied for some time, and finally the rubber is taken out in one homogeneous mass. 🔊

3. A homogeneous Ministry representing one of these tendencies only would command no majority. 🔊

4. Plato imagined that the State is a homogeneous unity, in which its parts totally disappear. 🔊

5. It has been an equally difficult task to weld the spirit of diverse peoples into a homogeneous whole. 🔊

6. Protoplasm itself at first seemed to be a homogeneous body, and was looked upon as a chemical compound of high complexity. 🔊

7. We have spoken of the tradition as a homogeneous thing, but for any poet or artist there are two quite different webs in it. 🔊

8. The point is that there the mother knew what standards she was to maintain and had, moreover, the backing of a homogeneous group to help her. 🔊

9. In the old country the mother knew what standards she was to maintain and, moreover, had the backing of a homogeneous group to help her. 🔊

10. It was all very well when we were a little confederation of homogeneous stock stretching along the Atlantic sea-board. 🔊

11. Pots are then set in some homogeneous material (waste tan-bark or sawdust) and left in a moderately heated bed. 🔊

12. On the left a solid, homogeneous curd produced by desirable bacteria; on the right, the curd produced by harmful bacteria. 🔊

13. He had four splendid new men-of-war that formed a homogeneous squadron, four other sizable warships, and nine new gunboats. 🔊