Hope in a sentence

Definition of Hope

(intransitive, transitive) To want something to happen, with a sense of expectation that it might. | To be optimistic; be full of hope; have hopes. | (intransitive) To place confidence; to trust with confident expectation of good; usually followed by in.

Short Example Sentence for Hope

  • 1. I hope you are not a sceptic.
  • 2. Pep gave up all hope now.
  • 3. There was no hope and no refuge.
  • 4. Gray knew how little hope there was.
  • 5. We must hope for the best.
  • 6. I hope my notices will be good.
  • 7. In hope to gain upon her flight.
  • 8. We are safe from hisses and below the hope of applause.
  • 9. I endeavored to awaken hope within him.
  • 10. All hope died within him as he saw those hollows.
  • 11. He could not hope to make a living out of literature.
  • 12. I hope that Mrs. Bentley has told you.
  • 13. I always do, and I hope I always shall.
  • 14. I hope she isn't ill?
  • 15. He had applied to him before for help; there was no hope there.
  • 16. I hope you won't forget me.
  • 17. Didn't you hope you would, now?
  • 18. Even the torture of thirst had grown less since hope had come to him.
  • 19. And of course no motoring tourist can hope to find such an inn anywhere, now.
  • 20. Lumley grew cool as he saw the hope leap into Gray's face.
  • 21. I hope I did right, fellows," said Frank.
  • 22. I tried to hope that Mrs. Clemens was asleep, but I knew better.
  • 23. I hope that you'll stop at Ashwood as long as ever it suits you to do so.

How to use Hope in a Sentence?

  • 1. What had a raw, inexperienced youngster like me to hope from such a competition?
  • 2. It cut off all hope from his subjects that crime would be permitted to escape with impunity.
  • 3. I hope you will have a pleasant time in the country, and will finish your play.
  • 4. Our main hope lies just in the certitude that he must come to town sooner or later.
  • 5. It was an honest theft, and I hope may not hereafter rise up in judgment against me.
  • 6. We used to hope that we should neither of us long outlive the other, but God willed it otherwise.
  • 7. Everything around looked and breathed of Bianca; hope and joy flushed in my bosom at every step.
  • 8. I have been very little out of London for some years, but I hope now to see more of the country.
  • 9. His solitary hope now was, that the deputies whom he had summoned would ignore his informal mandate by failing to appear.
  • 10. I had no hope or consolation to give her; but she had linked herself to my fortunes, and she was too much of a woman to desert me.
  • 11. The fellow had not taken his refusal to have him as a servant as a final one, and was following him in the hope that he might still be taken on.
  • 12. Gray could now distinguish from what direction the sound came, and he hurried forward, hope once more rising up in him.
  • 13. But as he read, the expression of hope which his face wore changed to one of pain pitiful to look upon.
  • 14. It brought such a throbbing of wild hope with it that Gray recoiled at his own feelings, but the feelings remained.
  • 15. In short, his condition is such that there is no hope of him, but from a direct, special operation on him, of what we denominate grace.
  • 16. Is all theological prejudice and bigotry extinct, that an author may hope to have a perfectly fair hearing, and impartial decision?
  • 17. I hope so, because I should like her to be made happy by remembering we have both got through her what we wanted more than anything in the world.