Hopefulness in a sentence

Definition of Hopefulness

The property of being hopeful.

How to use Hopefulness in a Sentence?

  • Instantaneously lassitude and vain repinings were replaced by hopefulness and energy.
  • But there is little choice between the two except on the score of the hopefulness of the latter.
  • I think it encouraged him very much, and has given him more hopefulness in his work.
  • It was hard to break into this calm hopefulness with words of stern or sinister meaning.
  • He eyed it hungrily, and then a vague comfort and hopefulness came to him and he fell asleep.
  • She saw plainly the quick look of eagerness, the swift hopefulness which came into his eyes.
  • The hour of hopefulness passed away, and there succeeded bitter years of savage despair.
  • But for all that I have a sense of hopefulness left which I think will not quite desert me.
  • At any rate, when I waked up this morning I found all my hopefulness had come back.
  • Even my husband's affectionate hopefulness cannot withstand my melancholy demonstration.
  • Like the men of his own village, these men had the hopefulness of children that all would be made well.
  • The hopefulness of this movement is that it is of native origin, and that the young men are self-supporting.
  • What we have to do just now is to be hopeful; to maintain one's hopefulness is half the battle.
  • And in spite of the money uncertainty, there was the lift of hopefulness and happiness in the atmosphere of the ranch.
  • It was not a very cheering interview, certainly, but how could there be any chance of hopefulness at present?
  • Alternate moods of hopefulness and foreboding kept her swinging like a pendulum from exhilaration to a sickening sense of fear.
  • They discover in their own language, their feelings of hopefulness and loyalty while coping with unexpected embarrassments and unusual privations.
  • I say that my eye chanced upon the subjoined advertisement with a sense of relief and hopefulness that words almost fail to express?
  • Only the well have that hopefulness that comes from power in reserve, power that is not wasted through acquired disease and acquired habits.
  • No one will be discouraged by reading the book; but the ground of all this hopefulness and cheerfulness remains to the end somewhat vague.
  • I looked forward with some hopefulness to a day when I could declare myself with no fear of a repulse.
  • In the same connection, we have confidential information that a new spirit of hopefulness is abroad in Germany.
  • The sound began to recede; the boat was passing on down the river; his momentary hopefulness was crushed under the weight of disappointment.
  • It was nearly noon when she finally started home with several books under her arm, her usual hopefulness and buoyancy of spirits quite restored.
  • Fill them with the joy and hopefulness of eternal youth, and cause them to be uplifted in gratitude and thankfulness to Thee.
  • But both at this time, and all through his life, he owed much, very much, to the brave hopefulness and wise love of his wife.
  • It was in a mood of high hopefulness he assisted Mr. Savine during the arduous scramble up out of the canyon.
  • For an instant Olga hesitated, then she stood aside, but in that moment all the happy hopefulness seemed to melt out of her heart.

Short Example Sentence for Hopefulness

  • His hopefulness was unbounded.
  • The hopefulness of the farm problem.
  • I have spoken of the hopefulness of his temper.
  • And she never dashed the perennial hopefulness of it.
  • Then his natural hopefulness came to his aid.
  • All the vivacity and hopefulness of youth was in her words.
  • The old hopefulness and purpose seemed fading away.
  • The reaction after their day of joyous hopefulness was too sudden to be borne.
  • His gentleness never forsakes him: his hopefulness never deserts him.
  • His gentleness never forsakes him; his hopefulness never deserts him.
  • Now their hopefulness was reawakened, and many began to ponder upon his words.
  • The hopefulness of Andrew sprang out of his faith in an ideal, right outcome.

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