Hoping In A Sentence

Definition of Hoping

(rare) Filled with or inspiring hope. | present participle of hope

How To Use Hoping In A Sentence?

  • Whatever they were, what could they be hoping to gain from this mad masquerade?
  • Lloyd mentioned as if hoping that someone would hand him some through the hole in the cell door.
  • In any case he meant to struggle on with things as they were, hoping and working for the best.
  • She ran to the window and peeped out eagerly, hoping he might be watching her window.
  • He could only stare at her, hoping never again to feel such dismay as filled him at that moment.
  • I have given him a start of twenty-four hours, hoping he may get out of the country.
  • They paid a late visit to the police, hoping for news, but the spy had not been apprehended.
  • I went down there hoping to get a clerkship on board one of the Transatlantic steamers.
  • These they swallowed eagerly hoping for death to come so that they might go to Paradise.
  • I was hoping to catch the creature in her lair, but I will tell you the way she took me.
  • In fact she was hoping for the monthly visit of Yosuke the farmer; if there was a farm any longer.
  • Nevertheless, Boyce was hoping to convince Lloyd to circle around the Palatkan territory.
  • Keith said he had come to him hoping to obtain a little information which he was seeking for a friend.
  • He peered under the boat again, hoping to reassure himself that it was a mistake, just his imagination.
  • You know that you came out here hoping to redeem the past, and to return home again a new character.
  • At the outset you might think yourself at your embassy; at the close you catch yourself hoping you will get away safely.
  • They imagined this to be the one their brother had brought back from his travels, hoping that it would gain the prize.
  • She still remains there, hoping for the day when her guilty husband shall return and be instantly forgiven.
  • At length he saw that the day was lost and gave orders for retreat, hoping to save what was left of his force.
  • What she was hoping for was that the answer would unriddle the riddle, and bring rest and peace to her perplexed little mind.
  • Anyone hoping to navigate a course had to be able to relate a two-dimensional map to the new reality of a three-dimensional planet.
  • Brook put his hand on Hartford's shoulder hoping to console him to some degree.
  • The next day she sent for her husband, hoping that this domestic punishment had produced an effect upon him, but she found him inflexible.
  • Not the slightest use hoping that things will be different, because I know they won't.
  • McCloud waited at the wires all night, hoping for trustworthy advices as to the result, but received none.
  • He hung about the doors and windows of shop after shop, hoping for a temporary absence of the shop-keeper, which might leave something snatchable.
  • The fire was sinking, and he built it up quietly, ashamed of this proof of his regard for physical comfort, and hoping it would pass unnoticed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hoping | Hoping Sentence

  • She climbed a high hill hoping to find a spring.
  • That's just what we've been hoping to see!
  • Bit about hoping we got back all right, and so on, first.
  • Tom and Jack, eager and ambitious, were hoping for this.
  • She was hoping that he would become interested in her by what he saw.
  • Davenant stood his ground, hoping for some sign of her relenting.
  • She leaned forward, hoping that the people would notice her.
  • He had only waited, hoping that it might prove untrue, to write to him.
  • I was hoping to be a judge in the last election, but a cabal p-p-prevented me.
  • This time I'm hoping that luck will be on yer side.
  • Dieskau was proceeding cautiously, hoping to catch the English in a trap.
  • I went out to Australia, as you know, hoping to become a sober, steady man.
  • I'm hoping that he'll go in for the Middles and let me take the Light-Weights.

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