Horn in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Horn

1. Then the castle horn again sounded. 🔊

2. The horn was stained red. 🔊

3. The unicorn whose horn is worth a city. 🔊

4. The blare of a horn announced the time of departure. 🔊

5. The horn part and the score are shortly to follow. 🔊

6. That Horn woman, in the phone booth? 🔊

7. Charlie Bryant leaned forward upon the horn of his saddle. 🔊

8. E Lovell, Big Horn Nat. 🔊

9. At that moment the blast of a horn was heard in the distance. 🔊

10. Hence such a horn was worthy to be placed among the royal jewels. 🔊

11. The tulip's horn of dusky green, The peony's dark unfolding ball. 🔊

How to use Horn in Sentences?

1. He had sold two wooden painted combs and a string of horn beads in imitation of tortoise shell. 🔊

2. There was a toot of a big bass horn behind them, and the other car went sliding past. 🔊

3. Jest hold your horses; keep things in good shape, and be ready to start when the horn blows. 🔊

4. The second the smarty seen Mace was pretty, he blowed his horn to make her look at him. 🔊

5. The unicorn dashed with such force against the tree that its horn was caught quite fast and it was kept a prisoner. 🔊

6. His first impulse was to blow the horn of his motorcycle, as a cheery announcement that a stranger was coming. 🔊

7. With the utmost caution not to touch the horn or siren, he guided it in a wide semicircle down the slope. 🔊

8. Another car had come up behind them, of which the powerful horn had given warning that room was asked for it. 🔊

9. It is the horn of this "strange fish" which has kept up the belief in the existence of the mythical unicorn. 🔊