Hospitality in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Hospitality

1. What a difference in the hospitality of minds! 🔊

2. His hospitality is most unobtrusive also, and considerate. 🔊

3. By faith and hospitality was Rahab the harlot saved. 🔊

4. Her hospitality was extended to her own friends when she had the chance. 🔊

5. In this emergency the canoe-boys again extended the hospitality of their mess. 🔊

6. A finer hospitality made many private houses not less known and dear. 🔊

7. Dono, thanks for your kind hospitality to O'Hana San. 🔊

8. And we're getting a taste of his generous hospitality right now. 🔊

How to use Hospitality in Sentences?

1. The day of his departure he sent for her to thank her for the hospitality she had shown him. 🔊

2. Also they both desired to reward these kind people for their hospitality in the time of need. 🔊

3. We comprehend his generous hospitality coupled with his often narrow and suspicious cruelty. 🔊

4. Ricks was the honored guest, and Sandy extended to him the full hospitality of the establishment. 🔊

5. Mr Huish was partaking of the hospitality of a well-known physician at his house at Highgate. 🔊

6. So kind that I am afraid I shall trespass on your hospitality longer than is well. 🔊

7. As a result of her delightful hospitality Admiralty House really became a home for our officers. 🔊

8. But the downfall was then when he lost reverence and faith, when he betrayed hospitality and violated decorum. 🔊

9. This says a good deal for the hospitality of a people who can make a stranger feel so completely at home in their midst. 🔊

10. Then suppose we join the ladies," he added, when further hospitality was declined. 🔊

11. If she did not ring, it was because of her sense of the irony of offering hospitality in a house where not even a cup of tea was paid for. 🔊

12. The conditions were very primitive, the fare coarse, but the welcome hearty, the hospitality bountiful. 🔊