House in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for House

1. Thy house is of gold. 🔊

2. The house was unbearable. 🔊

3. Is it thy place in my house to ape my guests? 🔊

4. The lady of the house assigned to every one his place. 🔊

5. There was a great hubbub in the house at Ebesfalva. 🔊

6. I flew out of the house as if my shoes had been made of satin. 🔊

7. A man's house burns down. 🔊

8. You know she's busy and out of the house most of the time. 🔊

9. All around this miniature house were little apertures representing windows. 🔊

10. It ran from a side door of the school house to an indefinite distance. 🔊

11. The strain of the interview had become too intense; the house was unbearable. 🔊

12. In front of the little white house the hired mourner was sobbing loudly. 🔊

13. Next, she was astonished that one house could furnish so many. 🔊

How to use House in Sentences?

1. Is it not evident, that the house of the necessitarian is divided against itself? 🔊

2. He is my guest, and can have anything and everything this house is able to furnish. 🔊

3. This has been going on quite long enough; you are making the house intolerable. 🔊

4. A neater, more inviting little bird house for a garden could not well be imagined. 🔊

5. I went to his house yesterday (my third attempt to see him), but he had left town. 🔊

6. Recently some one in Missouri has sent me a picture of the house I was born in. 🔊