Idealism in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Idealism

1. Our idealism was the song which we sounded high up. 🔊

2. The idealism of the little book was uncompromising. 🔊

3. The noble idealism never pales or falters. 🔊

4. But when Emerson appeared, the name of Idealism was legion. 🔊

5. Osborn 193 Critical Idealism in France. 🔊

6. The distinction between materialism and idealism was not then developed. 🔊

7. The idealism of serious people in this age of ours is of a noble character. 🔊

How to use Idealism in Sentences?

1. Under the influence of idealism it bloomed in the richest of modern literatures. 🔊

2. Here was the epitome of that evasive idealism which preferred shams to realities. 🔊

3. In this tale idealism is the inspiration that leads the hero into the unknown world. 🔊

4. Plato was the founder of idealism, and his idealism was in many respects crude and untenable. 🔊

5. The great preacher is always an idealist, and according to the fervor of his idealism is he great. 🔊

6. But in his hands, idealism was clogged with unessentials, and overgrown with excrescences. 🔊

7. But he drinks of a diviner stream, and marks the influx of idealism into England. 🔊

8. There was idealism in New England prior to the introduction of Transcendentalism. 🔊

9. From that atmosphere of reposeful idealism I was suddenly projected into the midst of New York. 🔊

10. In the East one commonly hears Oriental idealism contrasted with Western materialism. 🔊

11. New England, transcendentalism in, 105; religion of, 107; idealism in, 115. 🔊

12. Raising the quality of the personal idealism of the people is the real work of political education. 🔊

13. There is no idealism which can really flourish merely by ignoring the progress of science and confusing the issues. 🔊

14. On this new ground the difficulty that confronts critical idealism is the same as that affecting the notion of substance. 🔊