Ideally in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ideally

1. They are not ideally perfect. 🔊

2. I am ideally situated. 🔊

3. Their honeymoon was ideally happy. 🔊

4. All canape butters are ideally suited to stuffing stalks. 🔊

5. It was not ideally that a Messiah was to come. 🔊

6. I have a mechanic friend who is ideally suited for the purpose. 🔊

7. For the competent and provident it is an ideally perfect system. 🔊

8. He was supremely fortunate in an early and ideally happy marriage. 🔊

9. What I mean is that occasionally two people are ideally fitted. 🔊

10. It was the daughter of the house, an ideally blonde and bonny German girl. 🔊

How to use Ideally in Sentences?

1. It seems to speak of something ideally simple, to create an harmonious forgetfulness. 🔊

2. Such are the terms and conditions of an ideally perfect religion, as I conceived of them. 🔊

3. Why, Disraeli was the one person in the world ideally fitted for robot-coercion. 🔊

4. We may say that ideally the unimpeded exercise of the intellect forbids either sensation or emotion. 🔊

5. And it was really worth the trouble to stop and look at this exquisite little person, of a type so ideally Japanese. 🔊

6. My practical relation has been to this one for ever so long, and now my "spiritual" or "sentimental" quite ideally matches it. 🔊

7. There were two unofficial men in New York who were ideally qualified to serve the part of intermediaries. 🔊

8. Teuta is ideally happy, and the real affection which sprang up between them when she and Aunt Janet met is a joy to think of. 🔊

9. For a religion to be true, it must, I felt absolutely assured, be ideally perfect after the most perfect ideal that we can frame. 🔊

10. Ellaby had been 6.3 years tardy, but High Falls was an ideally modal community in which people tended to linger. 🔊