Imagining In A Sentence

Definition of Imagining

present participle of imagine | present participle of imagin | Something imagined; a figment of the imagination.

How To Use Imagining In A Sentence?

  • What did they think of her when imagining that she would take a husband not of her own choosing?
  • It is the old mistake of imagining that an escape from a problem is a solution.
  • Eversleigh permitted himself the luxury of imagining his bankers would advance the amount.
  • I hoped that they were all vexed, and pleased myself with imagining their misery.
  • Only three weeks ago and we should have been quite incapable of imagining its like.
  • But as soon as Sally had such an imagining she knew that it was an impossibility for her.
  • You must take my word for it, and not made me unhappy by imagining such cruel things.
  • I need to be called out, and never think alone, without imagining some companion.
  • Decently clothed, and, imagining that he was in his right mind, he hastened downstairs.
  • And, dearest, do not abuse him; for if you do, you set me imagining guiltiness.
  • Now, because you're afraid of her, you're imagining yourself over head and ears in love with her.
  • In those days I used symbols made with some ingenuity instead of merely imagining them.
  • His dream of a return to Loten seemed less like a wild imagining at every moment.
  • Thus she thought everything well out, for Sally had a great power of imagining things.
  • It goes right on, however, in multifarious forms, its defunct exponents still imagining they live.
  • I slipped nearer the door, imagining that in their riveted interest I saw my opportunity.
  • I have been miserably mistaken in imagining that I could conquer my love for you; I never can.
  • Yet she permitted herself a moment of imagining what might have been if her answers had been reversed.
  • They took the form of imagining that he had been in the army and had distinguished himself very much.
  • She was continually imagining that they were forming plots and conspiracies against her son in favor of themselves or of their own children.
  • Another of our girls' mistakes is that of imagining that brusqueness and pertness are wit.
  • One cannot help imagining that the riches of the establishment must be of a very theoretical and documentary character.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Imagining | Imagining Sentence

  • Penny knew that she was not imagining it.
  • Surely he was imagining this picture.
  • I was forever imagining my wedding day.
  • She clutched it, imagining that it clung to her.
  • You are always imagining things, Rhoda.
  • Heaven knows what you have accustomed yourself to imagining me to be.
  • She thought this while imagining the world to be interrogating her.
  • She is not always imagining herself looked down upon because she is poor.
  • But think what it means if we are wrong in imagining this altogether!
  • They would not think of the past; they shrank from imagining the future.
  • Did he know them, use them with intent, not imagining she would place them?
  • But Darrell was not long in discovering or imagining signs of change.
  • He steeped his heart in gall by imagining Maud in love with another.
  • He thought that he had been right in imagining Juno must have looked like her.
  • Was I not dreaming still, and imagining everything to suit my own fancy?
  • Could they be wrong in imagining that they had reached the Ionian Islands?
  • I can't help imagining Mahr's feelings when he recognized her voice.
  • Idiot that I was, in imagining that I alone could achieve success!

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