Impartial in a sentence

Definition of Impartial

treating all parties, rivals, or disputants equally; not partial; not biased

Short Example Sentence for Impartial

  • 1. Is it impartial or partisan?
  • 2. Nature is impartial in the application of its laws.
  • 3. Even thus was the demon at once impartial to both.
  • 4. He would not be impartial in his judgment.
  • 5. They passed with equal slowness and impartial darkness.
  • 6. Doomed by the impartial Power to endless rest.
  • 7. By such ingratitude you will incur the hatred of all impartial persons.
  • 8. Brian hated and hounded them all with savage and impartial persistence.
  • 9. Very few impartial men doubted the real meaning of the transaction.
  • 10. This is an impartial opinion on most Cabinets of the last fifty years.
  • 11. If he were rigid, he was impartial too, in asserting the laws of England.
  • 12. It is certainly well for Mr. Burke that there are impartial men in the world.

How to use Impartial in a Sentence?

  • 1. It seems to us that there can be no impartial balance between freedom and slavery.
  • 2. The railroad wished to have them tried and imprisoned by the impartial law of the land.
  • 3. These charges have all been examined and the evidence sifted, and that by impartial investigators.
  • 4. This impartial method of division gives every man an equal chance of the best share.
  • 5. These questions, we think, we may safely submit to the impartial decision of every unbiassed mind.
  • 6. She mounted the bicycle, beamed an impartial smile upon the three, and sped away down the road.
  • 7. His being a Protestant was rather a help to him; he could take an impartial view of things.
  • 8. In short, God is a God of favoritism instead of the impartial God and father of all mankind.
  • 9. Trainloads of food are moved into the interior and there are distributed with an impartial hand.
  • 10. It is too much to assume that an advocate can in a moment transform himself into an impartial judge.
  • 11. And probably even by the best and most impartial judgment only very rough generalisations can be arrived at.
  • 12. No impartial reader of my article of 1859 can fail to discover that the discussion did not involve the question now raised.
  • 13. What this gypsy said of the impartial and liberal manner in which he and his kind are received by the farmers is also true.
  • 14. As an inevitable consequence, when sitting as a judge he was more a zealous prosecutor than an impartial judge.
  • 15. What has been done must merit, it seems to me, the approbation of the impartial public and of posterity.
  • 16. The above are only two paragraphs out of a dozen we had marked, but they will suffice to show the value of this very able and impartial essay.
  • 17. Thus, during his career of nearly half a century, he was impartial in his consideration of questions of public interest.
  • 18. It is the right of every citizen to be tried by judges as free, impartial and independent as the lot of humanity will admit.
  • 19. In such reflections as these I was the unconscious dupe of my own imagination, while supposing myself thoroughly impartial and critical.
  • 20. Her clear blue eyes surveyed every new person with whom she came in contact in her new dwelling place, with impartial and pitiless scrutiny.
  • 21. But, to any impartial mind, we believe, this chapter will not be found to lend the least shadow of support to any such scheme of doctrine.
  • 22. His motives were certainly beyond question, and they will, undoubtedly, appear in true perspective in the impartial light of history.
  • 23. It seems gratuitous to refer to the natural weakness of so pure and good a man as Wordsworth, but we have tried to be impartial in these pages.
  • 24. Well, I ask the impartial reader, is it not childishness, and more than that, dangerous childishness?
  • 25. It is like a magic island of quiet, impartial research in the midst of a world of clashing swords, burning towns, and plundered temples.
  • 26. What made it possible for everybody to get on with our poor dear AllΓ¨gre was his complete, equable, and impartial contempt for all mankind.
  • 27. I shall now proceed to draw my conclusions, which I submit must appeal irresistibly to every impartial and right-minded person.
  • 28. With the movements in this hemisphere we are of necessity more immediately connected, and by causes which must be obvious to all enlightened and impartial observers.