Important in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Important

  • 1. This is an important idea. 🔊

  • 2. Joe had remembered that important fact, too, it seemed. 🔊

  • 3. But it was important that the escaped officer should not be missed. 🔊

  • 4. This was the last important episode before peace was arranged. 🔊

  • 5. Even in youth, however some birthdays are more important than others. 🔊

  • 6. What was most important at this stage was perfect quiet, perfect repose. 🔊

  • 7. But misfortune overtook Susy on the very morning of the important day. 🔊

  • 8. Who else would write me, and me alone, and give such important information? 🔊

  • 9. This is one of the most important and successful aviation works in Germany. 🔊

  • 10. For a fortnight before the important day, all was confusion at Webberly House. 🔊

How to use Important in Sentences?

  • 1. This is a very important form of electromagnet and is largely used in telephony. 🔊

  • 2. The most important thing was to avoid letting a bunch of them ride up on us unheralded. 🔊

  • 3. So vitally important is the point of view in deciding upon the right or wrong of an act. 🔊

  • 4. Oh, I confess that what is important to you, appears to me to be merely on the surface of life. 🔊

  • 5. This important matter rose out of an incident which had been happening to Stevenson in Albany. 🔊

  • 6. Donor of many important aviation prizes, including the L10,000 London-to-Manchester prize. 🔊

  • 7. It was attended by many of the sportsmen of the country; for he was an important member of their fraternity. 🔊

  • 8. It is important to note that the strength of action depends upon the strength of the current up to a certain point only. 🔊

  • 9. When he did back away from the edge, he had the look of a man who has made some important discovery. 🔊

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