Impression in a sentence

Definition of Impression

The indentation or depression made by the pressure of one object on or into another. | The overall effect of something, e.g., on a person. | A vague recalling of an event, a belief.

How to use Impression in a Sentence?

  • It is said that the incidents of this event made a lasting impression upon the mind of the boy.
  • The first result of his observations was to confirm his impression that Archibald was not idiotic.
  • With one, the active phase is the whole; with the other, the passive impression is the whole.
  • Richard Darcy took instant advantage of the impression he had created, and began to speak.
  • I did not see her face; but the impression that her figure gave me haunted me as I passed on.
  • Master Pok, under the impression that the hint was meant for him, drew still nearer.
  • Her cold, thin lips, pale eyes, and lean figure gave me a singular impression of voracious hunger.
  • Joan, much embarrassed, explained the Convent impression of Mr. Desmond and his broken heart.
  • They leave the school with the impression that for them ignorance rather than knowledge is the road to happiness.
  • The blank emptiness and desertion of this vast sanctuary produces an impression of unutterable desolation.
  • It has only been subjoined to the later editions of his work, and did not accompany the first impression of it.
  • The enemy were massed deep in front and but little impression could be made on their compact ranks.
  • He cannot become indifferent to her charms, while he witnesses the impression they make upon others.
  • Here he returns to his psychology, and identifies the most agreeable impression made on the sensibility with an act of the will.
  • The words, which had made so slight an impression when she heard them, were burned now into her memory.
  • She received a swift impression that he had prepared his words and even his gestures, the kiss on her fingers.
  • What impression this dreadful scene made on his mind is not known; but it ought to have been a deep and a lasting one.
  • As the room was small, my first impression was of a crowd, though in actual numbers we were not many.
  • The impression that some prowling wild animal was about was probably still strong upon me, and, in any case, the shot was not without effect.
  • All he had captured by his first, keen, instantly lowered, glance was the impression that her hair was magnificently red and her eyes very black.
  • I thought he was going to faint; and under a vague impression of fetching assistance, I rushed down the avenue.
  • We admit that every passive impression is caused; but the question is, Can the mind be caused to act?
  • But Patricia only smiled the more at this and Judith gave her up in despair of making any impression on her abounding good humor.
  • Of the six figures that compose the two monuments, the one of Lorenzo, made the deepest impression upon me.
  • Once or twice I suspended operations to stand still and listen under the startled impression that I had heard some unusual noise.
  • There must be something startlingly perfect in that which returns upon the soul with a more absolute impression after its abstraction of our faculties has passed away.
  • Several copies of this impression found their way into this country, and created a prodigious sensation among the members of a school then in all its glory.
  • The sleeves of her long striped kaftan hang slovenly down, and her dirty turban gives you the impression that she has slept in it for weeks together.

Short Example Sentence for Impression

  • He shook off the impression with an effort.
  • She had not intended to give the impression of cleverness.
  • It was the outward impression of the night, he knew.
  • It gives one the impression of one great ruin.
  • Was this only the impression of Vetch on her mood?
  • Joan was left with the subtle impression of having been warned.
  • And thinking of him he had again that queer impression of his nearness.
  • An impression drifted like smoke across the blue of his eyes.
  • At least, that's the impression it made on me.
  • The impression made upon their greedy minds was immediately apparent.
  • The wax figures of that celebrated artist had made a deep impression upon him.
  • Under the warm, bright light I saw the distinct impression of a dog's foot.

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