Impressive in a sentence πŸ”Š

Definition of Impressive

Making, or tending to make, a positive impression; having power to impress | Capable of being impressed. | Appealing.

Short Example Sentence for Impressive

  • 1. His uniform was impressive and frightening. πŸ”Š
  • 2. There followed an impressive pause. πŸ”Š
  • 3. The sight was a strangely impressive one. πŸ”Š
  • 4. He was a man of singularly impressive face and figure. πŸ”Š
  • 5. The King of Tigre was very impressive on this score. πŸ”Š
  • 6. And nothing could have been more impressive than this dumb show. πŸ”Š
  • 7. He already showed the impressive exhaustion of the peroration. πŸ”Š
  • 8. Very different yet equally impressive is the modern scientific view. πŸ”Š
  • 9. Externally they looked like the least impressive war vessels afloat. πŸ”Š
  • 10. This ceremonial deserves attention, so strange and impressive was it. πŸ”Š
  • 11. Somehow in these horrid dreams, CΓ¦sar played an impressive part. πŸ”Š
  • 12. Edith spoke in her low, soft, impressive voice, rather slowly. πŸ”Š
  • 13. They have impressive mansions, costing great sums, at Newport. πŸ”Š
  • 14. Reviewed by King George V, and it was indeed a very impressive sight. πŸ”Š

How to use Impressive in Sentence?

  • 1. They are quite out of harmony with the impressive dignity of the figures below. πŸ”Š
  • 2. The women supporting her formed a bodyguard sufficiently impressive and substantial. πŸ”Š
  • 3. The history of optics furnishes a most impressive illustration of the justness of this remark. πŸ”Š
  • 4. There is nothing more sadly impressive than the aspect of winter in a mountainous region. πŸ”Š
  • 5. It was not so impressive to his white observers, as it suggested to them the civilised toper. πŸ”Š
  • 6. The connections between the impressive sound-centers and the motor speech-center are injured. πŸ”Š
  • 7. The arrival of ducks upon the scene, when the fowls are fed, is an impressive sight. πŸ”Š
  • 8. And this consideration will become only the more solemn and impressive the longer we reflect upon it. πŸ”Š
  • 9. There was something strangely impressive to him in this simple worship out in what to him was a vast wilderness. πŸ”Š
  • 10. Nugent was moved with inward laughter at the impressive speech, at the ogling glances accompanying it. πŸ”Š
  • 11. Again the silence became impressive as the cold eyes looked him through, before the thin lips opened. πŸ”Š
  • 12. It wasn't an impressive city, made up of squat clay buildings that were cube-shaped. πŸ”Š
  • 13. There was nothing impressive about him; nothing that would cause one to turn and look back in a crowd. πŸ”Š
  • 14. They were also impressive by their suggestion of something practical, utilitarian, and remote from sentiment. πŸ”Š
  • 15. He made an impressive sight as he lay there prone upon his stomach, fidgeting his feelers in a petulant way. πŸ”Š
  • 16. Every tree and every bush had been cut away, so that nothing should interfere with the impressive fall of the aged giant. πŸ”Š
  • 17. Perhaps, furthermore, the cause makes its most impressive appeal to the collegian in its internationalism, or interpatriotism. πŸ”Š
  • 18. My impressive ruffian drank what remained of his beer, while his black, sunken eyes looked at me over the rim. πŸ”Š
  • 19. Fra Ugo himself could scarcely have been more impressive when he talked to the sick and dying on hospital cots. πŸ”Š
  • 20. We borrowed the red ink, to make them the more impressive to the eye, and, unfortunately, spilt it. πŸ”Š
  • 21. He had an impressive though stolid bearing, an amiable expression, an engaging smile, and the manner of a weary monarch. πŸ”Š
  • 22. The President then arose, and delivered one of the most impressive and eloquent appeals in favour of peace that could possibly be imagined. πŸ”Š
  • 23. The old fellow departed from his impressive immobility to turn his rakishly hatted head and look at me with his old, black, lack-lustre eyes. πŸ”Š
  • 24. And that this claim conveyed small meaning to the group about Isobel, made her family connections by no means the less impressive and to be envied. πŸ”Š
  • 25. There's an air of levity, and of effective writing, without which the book would have been more impressive and convincing; don't you think so? πŸ”Š
  • 26. The cliff at the back of the town presented a most impressive appearance, being pierced by great arched openings like the portals of a Roman bath. πŸ”Š