Incredulous in a sentence

Definition of Incredulous

Skeptical, disbelieving, or unable to believe. [from 16th c.] | Expressing or indicative of incredulity. [from 17th c.] | (largely obsolete, now only nonstandard) Difficult to believe; incredible. [from 17th c.]

How to use Incredulous in a Sentence?

  • Her voice trembled as if with some physical pain; he only answered by a sound of incredulous surprise.
  • He was vaguely incredulous when he found himself sitting in the sky staring through his spread legs at clouds and mountains.
  • She had been like one in a house which has been struck by lightning, and had been rendered thereby incredulous of a second stroke.
  • The scientific men present listened with breathless interest, but some of them with many incredulous shakings of the head.
  • But after a moment another expression mixed with it, sharpened it, and fastened upon her with an incredulous intentness.
  • It shone gorgeously in the dull surrounding, and the child pounced upon it, incredulous of her luck.
  • Suddenly her face flushed, her eyes became full of incredulous horror, and she stared at her sister.
  • In mingled eagerness and wariness he watched her, incredulous of her assenting mood, but with a hope that lured him on to believe.
  • He met the incredulous gaze both of Lessingham and his wife without recognition or any sign of flinching.
  • His eyes roved over the supply of food and the full water-calabashes, though he concealed the incredulous surprise he felt.
  • The same preaching was repeated by Buddha, and the same answer was returned by his incredulous hearers.
  • He heard the incredulous shout that would mark his entrance, the swell of unholy glee from the benches that would interrupt the proceedings.
  • Thereafter she delivered speeches whenever and wherever she was asked, to the incredulous delight of Archie.
  • Then he released her and stood his ground stolidly while she shrank away from him, regarding him with incredulous questioning, with black terror.
  • Upon Ryder's helpless body a cold sweat of incredulous horror broke softly out.
  • She looked up with a kind of vague, incredulous smile, and passed her hand across her forehead, as though to reflect more clearly.
  • But, with a cold, incredulous voice he said: 'What prate is this of fathers and revenge?

Short Example Sentence for Incredulous

  • Aristide listened in incredulous amazement.
  • Whereupon he smiled in an incredulous cultured way.
  • The chorus of incredulous laughter incensed the old man.
  • And now, most incredulous of readers, are you answered?
  • The polite Captain seemed incredulous and as if weary.
  • Zacharias incredulous CL.
  • Nestor's eloquence was in her incredulous echo.
  • As a matter of incredulous fact she was feeling incredulously at ease.
  • The rest of it was in a ferment of incredulous wonder and self-gratulation.
  • Philippa turned her head, but her eyes were filled with incredulous fear.
  • At the meeting, my incredulous friends became very deeply interested.
  • Besides, one may well be a little incredulous of these vast claims.
  • Her eyes opened wide; she looked all the incredulous horror she felt.
  • She gave the boy a keen, incredulous glance, but he was not daunted.
  • He ignored the incredulous arch of Kenny's eyebrows.
  • A flush of incredulous joy came over Lily's face.
  • She paid the rigid tail of the Ducal lion the tribute of incredulous laughter.
  • A quick, incredulous expression filled Carew's eyes.
  • The truth is that an incredulous Western world puts no faith in Mahatmas.
  • Paris, Petrograd and Rome read his letters and shook with incredulous mirth.
  • Jane's eyes sparkled and her cheeks flushed with an incredulous joy.
  • No answer--not a breath--only an incredulous stare.
  • After an incredulous stare, Maseden answered Nina's eager question.

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