Indicate in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Indicate

1. Manners impress as they indicate real power. 🔊

2. There were no other marks to indicate its long detention. 🔊

3. In none of these is there anything to indicate his functions. 🔊

4. Some names indicate prominent chemical properties of the elements. 🔊

5. The number of pairs may indicate the number of cells in the battery. 🔊

6. Thus, one short ring may indicate Station No. 1; two short rings Station No. 🔊

How to use Indicate in Sentences?

1. To be sure, he does not indicate where they are to be sought, nor can he indicate it. 🔊

2. Does this lull indicate a gradual and steady return to more normal and peaceful conditions? 🔊

3. By means of this unit it is easy to indicate the heat changes in a given chemical reaction. 🔊

4. The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul, or, through how many forms it has already ascended. 🔊

5. So far there had been nothing to indicate that the approaching ship was other than a peaceful vessel. 🔊

6. They are unnecessary if the only object in view was to indicate the intervals between the days of the column. 🔊

7. Does not the gratuitous ingenuity of the young bipeds indicate a far higher degree of intelligence? 🔊

8. The lantern is an important matter, as its size is supposed to indicate the position of the wearer. 🔊

9. Even the expedient of putting specially-lettered neck-labels on the bags to indicate their contents is adopted. 🔊

10. Observations indicate that this species is active throughout the day, except during and immediately after heavy rains. 🔊

11. Many other diseases occur, but the above are sufficient to indicate some of the principal ones in the most important cotton countries of the world. 🔊

12. The more hearty and sturdy expression may indicate that the savageness of the Norseman was not all gone. 🔊