Innovation in a sentence

Definition of Innovation

The act of innovating; the introduction of something new, in customs, rites, etc. | A change effected by innovating; a change in customs | Something new, and contrary to established customs, manners, or rites.

Short Example Sentence for Innovation

  • 1. The innovation deserves encouragement.
  • 2. The character of this innovation is subtle but distinct.
  • 3. One last innovation I have still to mention.
  • 4. This is our innovation policy and it is increasingly driven by patent.
  • 5. Rash innovation is not less dangerous than stupefied inaction.
  • 6. This innovation should be stoutly resisted by all brides-to-be.
  • 7. The special innovation for the benefit of women are two drawing-room pages.
  • 8. This was an innovation of Mr. Pembroke's.
  • 9. This innovation alone changed the landscape of religion in the Western World.
  • 10. His words are: "For any musical innovation is full of danger to the State....

How to use Innovation in a Sentence?

  • 1. Even that was not so very bad, compared with the next innovation on the old glories.
  • 2. Fourth, while some aspects of the innovation may truly be nonrival, other aspects may not.
  • 3. His connection with the Orpheus myth was probably an innovation of Virgil (Georgics, iv, ll.
  • 4. Thus we have an incentive to negotiate if either of us wants to bring the improved innovation to market.
  • 5. That this early recognition of a superior order of ministers was a distinct innovation is also shown from the literature of that period.
  • 6. Intellectual property is also supposed to create a feedback mechanism that dictates the contours of information and innovation production.
  • 7. The older mountain men met the innovation as they met any departure from their traditions, with curiosity and distrust.
  • 8. Any one who proposed an innovation would have done so with a rope about his neck, and woe to him if it proved unsuccessful.
  • 9. This limitation on copyright provided by fair use was needed in order to foster the innovation that copyright is supposed to encourage.
  • 10. Nevertheless, to go silly over a mediocre innovation is far more excusable than to be taken in by its equivalent in a familiar style.
  • 11. Proceeding from innovation to innovation, he ended by becoming one of the historic figures detested by later epochs.
  • 12. The sarcasm was felt by the guards, and they were forced to admit that this innovation on cavalry methods was hardly an improvement.
  • 13. There shall be no innovation in regard to the orders that are prohibited by laws and ordinances of the Indias.
  • 14. Here we have materials for a sweeping innovation which might, if it spread, not only simplify life but reinforce the language.
  • 15. The substitution of female for male actors, in feminine characters, was also an innovation of this period.
  • 16. I promise myself, however, the pleasure of writing a history of this innovation in coal-mining at an early date.
  • 17. It is an innovation that has been timidly introduced into the customs of Europe, but has come to stay.
  • 18. It is well known that this doctrine was no innovation on the religious sentiment of the age when it was preached by the Greek fathers.
  • 19. Is open source software a paradigm case of collective innovation that helps us to understand open source software and not much else?
  • 20. This innovation is so natural a one, that I cannot conceive why some one never applied it before me.
  • 21. Naturally official Russia did not relish this innovation in dramatic art, and indignation ran high among them and their supporters.
  • 22. But the return to free accentual verse in the "Christabel" was an innovation at the beginning of the nineteenth century.
  • 23. These booths were decorated with Forbes banners and attracted a great deal of comment, as the idea was a distinct innovation in this district.
  • 24. So many persons are anxious to take a rise out of the Telephone Service that the success of the innovation is assured.
  • 25. And the mulberry groves put Josiah in mind of another innovation that might be made in Jonesville ways.
  • 26. The innovation thus proposed by the Dean Company of making the entire receiver shell of steel is of great interest.
  • 27. And where this is not the case, it either arises from some innovation among them or those exceptional cases of despotism to be found in every country.
  • 28. It inculcated a reverence for the monarch and his ministers and fostered a deep-rooted sentiment of conservatism which made disloyalty and innovation almost sacrilegious.
  • 29. The Parlor] In the parlor at the left no innovation has been introduced, and it remains almost as when the house was built.
  • 30. The big point about the enclosure movement is that it worked; this innovation in property systems allowed an unparalleled expansion of productive possibilities.