Inspired in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Inspired

1. Sulpice inspired the brothers with this poison. 🔊

2. He was well inspired not to move. 🔊

3. Then they must be inspired by the good heart. 🔊

4. All this inspired me with hatred for this paltry despot. 🔊

5. The sight inspired fear, so horrible was it. 🔊

6. My offer is inspired by nothing but what I feel. 🔊

7. Besides his physical attraction he inspired a feeling of reliance. 🔊

8. Keith's look of interest inspired him to go on. 🔊

9. He inspired confidence in you because of his personality and reserve power. 🔊

10. Can we believe that the inspired writer had any idea of the size of the sun? 🔊

11. What's more, it seemed to have inspired him all the more. 🔊

12. It certainly is no proof that a man is inspired simply because he is right. 🔊

13. I know there was happy life in the life that inspired that painting. 🔊

14. He was a truculent, untamable rough, evidently inspired with gin. 🔊

15. What had I done but what was inspired by a love of justice and my country? 🔊

How to use Inspired in Sentences?

1. In spite of her age and virtues, this lady inspired them with neither love nor fear. 🔊

2. And one of them, when he first caught sight of it, inspired him with a stronger feeling than envy. 🔊

3. The success of our war inspired him with the hope of freeing his own country from Spanish control. 🔊

4. Whenever I thought of it I wondered how I ever could have been inspired to do so unholy a thing. 🔊

5. This explains the bitterness of their attitude to him both during and after the conflict and the singular fear which his name inspired among them. 🔊

6. He thus at once inspired the people with awe for them, and the nobles with zeal to become initiated in his secrets. 🔊

7. It is impossible to conceive of language that can more clearly convey the idea of a universal flood than that found in the inspired account. 🔊

8. The very footsteps of the stranger, which were heard now and then as he traversed his chamber, inspired awe. 🔊

9. I refer them always to the revelation, the inspired record, and bid them search that record for themselves. 🔊