Interest in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Interest

1. I had no interest in her whatever. 🔊

2. Takes considerable interest in aviation. 🔊

3. Gray could feel any interest in just then. 🔊

4. Her interest seemed to please the girl. 🔊

5. Took great interest in aviation at the start. 🔊

6. I began to take an interest in the challenges myself. 🔊

7. The interest in the event had not yet abated. 🔊

8. He always took an interest in them and tried to help them. 🔊

9. Began his interest in aviation when 15 years old. 🔊

10. Use your interest with Frank, now. 🔊

11. None of those things interest me, Henry. 🔊

12. And there arose in her a nervous and passionate interest in herself. 🔊

13. Humor is a subject which has never had much interest for me. 🔊

14. Well known for practical interest in motoring and aviation. 🔊

15. Rosamond's interest was plainly forced. 🔊

16. Lessingham's interest in the subject appeared to be non-existent. 🔊

17. I have always taken a great interest in other people's duels. 🔊

How to use Interest in Sentences?

1. When such a master as yourself takes an interest in us, our pinions ought never to droop. 🔊

2. When he found I really took an interest in him he threw himself entirely upon my friendship. 🔊

3. I knew Cavalotti slightly, and this gives me a sort of personal interest in his duel. 🔊

4. It irritated Gray savagely to find how warm and eager an interest they all took in the lost man. 🔊

5. His Aggrandisement asserted to be for the Interest of Popery, 342, 343. 🔊

6. Another essential of the game is that it shall add to the interest of the game by furnishing opportunities to bet. 🔊