Interesting in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Interesting

1. He was an interesting talker. 🔊

2. Anything else interesting about the trip. 🔊

3. These ladies were interesting as types. 🔊

4. What interesting places have you visited in your neighborhood? 🔊

5. The story is pleasantly told, and abounds in interesting incident. 🔊

6. An interesting feature of this Dean harmonic ringer is the gong adjustment. 🔊

7. Frequently--in a certain very interesting set. 🔊

How to use Interesting in Sentences?

1. These stories we have felt to be very interesting when they occur in biographies of great men. 🔊

2. It was an interesting fact in physics, and might prove of some practical significance hereafter. 🔊

3. These most ferocious of the Carnivora have afforded interesting subjects to many a traveller. 🔊

4. Rosamond Merton was not the sort of girl who cares to postpone interesting events. 🔊

5. The construction of this ringer is interesting and is shown in its two possible positions in Fig. 🔊

6. Another interesting method of current supply from a central-office battery is shown in Fig. 🔊

7. The popular ball, in the galleries of the Uffizi, was a much more novel and interesting thing. 🔊

8. Another curious and interesting example of this reversion to type exists in the simple telephone receiver. 🔊

9. It is an interesting point of view, perhaps the more interesting because we think it is a dangerous one. 🔊

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