Interests in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Interests

1. Which interests you more? 🔊

2. Ask him some question on a topic that interests him. 🔊

3. I make these remarks simply in the interests of fair play. 🔊

4. It's a subject that no longer interests me. 🔊

5. I couldn't dismiss the interests and the passion of sex as Altiora did. 🔊

6. David Grief's numerous interests diverted her course many times. 🔊

How to use Interests in Sentences?

1. But these things were certainly not the living and central interests of my life. 🔊

2. The resorters were a puzzle to them, their ways were so strange and their interests so trivial. 🔊

3. He had to go South, he told her, to look after some large interests they had there. 🔊

4. In the best interests of Ireland, may the same thing be written thirty years hence! 🔊

5. They were founded and administered in the interests of religion rather than of commerce or industry. 🔊

6. Yet this excellent man did not imagine for a moment that he upheld a scheme which is at war with the great moral interests of the world. 🔊

7. Broad lands and great interests not only arrive to such heads as can manage them, but form manners of power. 🔊

8. But, above and apart from the local interests involved, was the patriotic rejoicing in which all the nation shared. 🔊

9. He persists, with exasperating obstinacy, in refusing to sacrifice the interests of the landlords for whom he acts. 🔊

10. It was the ancient masculine delusion, as invulnerable as truth, that the impersonal interests are the significant ones. 🔊

11. By degrees his thoughts ceased to dwell so persistently upon the unsolved puzzle, and other interests took possession of his mind. 🔊

12. Except that he had it seemed no hot passions, but only interests and fine affections and indolences, he paralleled the conflict of my life. 🔊

13. Nothing interests us which is stark or bounded, but only what streams with life, what is in act or endeavor to reach somewhat beyond. 🔊

14. Experience had taught him that in America women rarely work well except in the interests of some one with whom they are in love. 🔊

15. You know the manifestations of those self-elected apostles who promote their interests by means very different from those of the true Gospel. 🔊

16. Its unity is never perfect: because it never produces a true identity of interests within, or maintains an absolute independence without. 🔊

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