Irony in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Irony

1. But the irony was wasted. 🔊

2. Hellman was pondering the irony of it all. 🔊

3. Oh, the irony of it all! 🔊

4. This is cruel irony indeed. 🔊

5. The irony of it tore the soul. 🔊

6. The irony of it is mirth-provoking and delicious. 🔊

7. Was there the slightest tinge of irony in her voice? 🔊

8. The irony was lost on his fat host. 🔊

9. On that last note of irony they parted. 🔊

10. Contempt and bitter irony were perceptible in his voice. 🔊

11. To call it the irony of fate was beside the mark. 🔊

12. He possessed wit, sarcasm and irony in every form. 🔊

13. The savage irony of this angered Quimbleton. 🔊

14. The irony of the thing smote Francis Eversleigh. 🔊

15. Wasn't that an irony of fate? 🔊

16. He had spoken with irony of her suggestion about divorce and freedom. 🔊

17. The irony was contemplative, as if he examined himself to see. 🔊

18. Her quick ear had caught the involuntary irony of his quotation. 🔊

19. By an irony of fate we had begun our acquaintance by loving at cross purposes. 🔊

How to use Irony in Sentences?

1. By the delicate irony of the god of black days the letters were from her two husbands! 🔊

2. But the irony of circumstances diverted much of his energy into yet more diverse fields. 🔊