Irrelevant in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Irrelevant

1. It was not so irrelevant after all. 🔊

2. But such jests are irrelevant as well as flippant. 🔊

3. I cudgelled my brains for irrelevant incidents. 🔊

4. His answer seemed irrelevant at first. 🔊

5. He went on pointing out perfectly irrelevant porpoises. 🔊

6. Again, I must quote an irrelevant incident. 🔊

7. And the recollection was not so irrelevant as you might imagine. 🔊

8. Whitaker found his irrelevant trick of umbrage trying in the extreme. 🔊

9. He peered disgustedly into the bag and removed an irrelevant ace of spades. 🔊

10. For a moment Elaine was puzzled by this wholly irrelevant remark. 🔊

11. Mr. Wedgwood leaves this question aside, as irrelevant to his purpose. 🔊

How to use Irrelevant in Sentences?

1. To her we were all pasteboard figures actuated by a heartless and irrelevant destiny. 🔊

2. It is not merely that they are always the same in time, but that time is irrelevant to them. 🔊

3. There was only one bit of irrelevant information the space fleet of Weald did not have. 🔊

4. In fact, a discussion of inference is irrelevant to the matters which Dewey is here considering. 🔊

5. To discard what is irrelevant to the purpose is one of the most difficult but most important things to be learned. 🔊

6. There are many other and very artificial forms that exist, but their treatment would be irrelevant here. 🔊

7. But perhaps it is irrelevant to my subject to dwell so minutely upon scenes and incidents so remotely associated with it. 🔊

8. It is irrelevant to our present purpose to enter into any inquiry respecting the essential causes of impressions of beauty. 🔊

9. Channing had an odd and perfectly irrelevant thought of that bulge in the clergyman's hip-pocket. 🔊

10. Some say that the edition was published, but under an irrelevant title, which prevented people from knowing what it was about. 🔊